What do you think?


What do you think

Sorry but updates must happen

If the website is running not perfectly is because we are updating it a lot. If find that something is really not operating perfectly you can contact us on p.tuparev.espritscholen.nl

Remember if contact us badlly you could or will be reported stay out of trouble please

Sincerely the civ blog group tm

Beta is better than alpha

WE are very happy have reached version alpha 9.0. We are also very happy that on monday pinkster weekend we will introduce beta1.0
Things that are going to apear in beta

1. daily poll
2. weekly news
3. new gameplays that will be also talking about civ4 and civ5
4. the product page will be unleashed
5. With the product page catalouges will apear
6. the lets talk about leaders page will be introduced
7.people that write coments will be posted
 8. recomendations will be taken siriusly 
9. the Ipad version will be chaged
10. The best will be that the hall layout themes and headers will be Changed
 11. but we coud’nt stop there so we will add a logo

Ps not everthing will be created on monday

Sincerly thecivblog group TM 

What do you think