Civ 20 years old

The beautiful series has been around for 20 years. In this post we are going to talk about how the civ series has changed between every signal version.

The first civ was made IN 1991 (20 years ago) It’s interface was simple you could see then units clearly as blocks with a unit icon. Their was a menu bar with the civilopedia and advisors. The diplomacy screen was actually one of the cool features. You could swipe through the leaders (like in civ rev on the IPAD) There where also some quite interesting things which where never used in the other civ series.  Once every 10 turns your people would ask you a question you had to answer it. It’s also funny to actually think but I have recognized civ rev IPHONE IPAD versions are like a updated version of civ1

picture of civ1

civ2 was one of the most successful of the series.  Civ2 was created in 1996 although the interface was nearly the same but just updated with some new graphics and those sort of stuff. Cic 2 the game concept had changed quit alot. The leaders could be male or female. You could also know see the borders clearly.Also cool new feature where world wonders which helped your civ alot. The game would end in 2020 and there where 2 victory types space victory and domination. Also the tech tree was expanded. There was also a expansion pack which was conflicts in Civilization


civ3 was really an amazing new game with more 3D like graphics and cool new features like civi policies what type of government you would like to use. But the best new feature was the worker unit now you could make your own improvements which is nicety know you could choose where roads to build where farms to build even now you could build mines. The tech screen was expanded amazingly.

But there where even better things you now could see your units as 3D things. Also something cool where some new eras the renascence era and the industrial era.There where also know to new ways to win the game. Instead of only space and domination now you could win space domination culture and diplomacy. Also now your borders will expand.Civ3 was the backbone of the modern civ games

picture of civ3
civ4 was amazing It had first of all beautiful graphics I also find that the technology tree had been improved alot the borders where beautiful colored and the units where full 3D borders would expand through culture and now you would not have to declare war on a next door neighbor now you would just have to beet the other cities culture bonus and like that you take that settlement also something new where great people they would be born in one of your settlements and you could choose what to so with them like with a great scientist you could discover a free technology .

picture of civ4


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  1. Wow, that is an amazing post! We can now face time , as soon as my I pod charges. I am in WIFI for a week. 🙂 By the way, congrats on 950 stats! Only 50 more!! I love your site at the moment. -Mrzero3

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