civ 5 greek world mod

I find the greek world mod of civ4 quit boring but here in civ5 it has been improved a lot. Including new things like city states, also the civ’s have been altered. Like now the greek are a united country instead of Macedonia greek colonies and greed as different civ.’s. Another thing is that the Phoenicians have been wiped out and now are city states. Although it might seem that many civ’s have been deleted new ones have also come. Including, the German tribes, Arabia and India. In total there are there are nine civ’s (including city states) which are city states Greece Rome Persia Germania Sycathia India Arabia and Egypt. Also another change is that the persian empire starting position is much bigger instead of just a pile of settlers and warriors.


here is a picture of civ 5 greek world mod 

here is a picture of the civ4 greek world








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