How to make a good youtube commentary video

How to make a the best civilization 5 gameplay commentary on youtube.

Here in this post we will tell you how.

1. DO NOT make it boring. Like many game plays on youtube to make it boring meaning do not always talk about what is going to be new on your channel or what ever, but also don’t stay on the same topic the hole time. If you found some new fun or epic info just talk a little bit about that.

2. Grab a friend. Nearly always gameplay commentaries are boring when someone is alone. So grab a friend with you on the episode. and sometimes just talk about random stuff (which is entertaining) also if you are playing a multiplayer game talk through skip or face time and then edit it in your video

3. EDIT. Very few at least civ5 commentaries have this word. Most of the time they just record add audio and that’s it not very entertaining. here are some few recommended video programs. Final cut pro, Final cut express.

Hope this helps you .

Also a little add on info I and a friend are starting to make a new youtube channel on January the 5th so expect some videos

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