Civ4 mode release “January”

Today the new mods for civ4 have been announced for January. With some new cool and impressive mods. What I like about these mods that some contain civilizations that are not in the regular game. With that I mean like there are civ’s like the Dominican Republic or the Gauls or the Byzantine empire.

Now let’s see some of the new mods.

Like in december thecivblog recommends the Civ 4 history Rewritten mode again which now has some epic new civ’s and graphics. Also this mod is also on mac and PC.

Another mod that we recommend is the sword of islam mod. It takes place in the middle east where there are factions like the byzantine empire and the arab.

Our ratings for the Rewritten history mode would be 5 stars the sword of the islam would gain 3 stars as it is only based on PC so it’s not that open and the game is not so open but the storyline and the graphics make this a good mod

Roumors for febuary patch release civ5

Al around the civ community there have been popping around roumors of a new patch release somewhere in febuary. Many people belive this as last year in febuary there was a big patch release. I am quite exited about this new “roumor” but is it true. Here are some reactions on the 2k forums.

What sorcery is this??? I live on the internet and I’ve heard nothing of the sort…

A quick Google search shows me that there are a few sites that call the DLC, such as the Denmark/Scenario pack, an “expansion”. However, there’s nothing indicating a full scale expansion anywhere. In fact, at least 2 of the links on the first page were to this site and CivFanatics regarding speculation on when an expansion will come.

? what do you think

A tip for old fans

For the ones who still play civ 3 but don’t know any cheats or tips this post and few upcoming posts will help you beat your game easier.

Today I want to cover a handy tip which many people know as the block the island move. What you do is you surround your hole island shores (beaches) with any type of unit you want! Enemies or neutral civi scouts can’t get on your land… Until they got the marines but for a pretty big chunk of the game you are well deafened unless someone joined you on your island.

This guy is trying to accomplish our post tip

Civilization 5 best top 20 PC game

Civilization5 has made it self score the top this year as the best of the top 20 PC games.

Civilization V

The legendary real-time strategy series changed things up significantly withCivilization V to make would-be world domination tons more streamlined. Maps are easier to navigate, crucial information flows easier and it’s the best-looking entry in the family tree.

A Good Match for: Event planners. Like a wedding or a milestone birthday party,Civilization V‘s all about knowing your guests and what they need to have a good time. Of course, those “guests” are rival nations and “a good time” is submitting to the power of your empire.

Read the rest? click here

Civ has reached the top 20 PC game

Civ rev crash

The new civ rev iOS has fixed many bugs. But for some reason that I can not understand is that the game still  keeps crashing. Could this be the cause because I am using the original iPad? Not likely I think but it may. Just to tell when the game crashes, the game crashes every time I try to continue my game NOT when I want to start a new game. I find this case quite mysterious.

Has this happened to you please comment and maybe answer this mysterious phenomena.

Civilization 4 bug

For a time now I am starting to experience the most awkward bug.

It started all like this. I was playing civilization 4 nicely and bug free until every time this would happen to me.

ex I was playing suddenly I could not fortify the unit with the icon panels. I had to use the commands. Then what happened the commands even didn’t work and I tried to refresh the game but when I restarted civ4 the game bug did not disappear.


Strange tech tree

In civ5 you can access the tech tree which gives you a long term access of all thechnoliegies.

Well this tech tree is sort of messed up.

For example the technology nano technology seams to be in the ancient era and the wheel sits humbly in the industrial era.

Bcause the tech tree means also that the technoly choosing is also messed up. You know when you start the game and settel your city you get a tech panel and shows you starting technoliegies wel in first position sits steam power?

The old civ rev bugs return again

After I got the new update of civ rev I was quite relieved as most old bugs died out.

But it seams like these old bugs have returned for example the music and graphic bugs (which I had covered in posts before) have returned and have had a massive effect on my gameplay experience.

Also there have been some new bugs popping out like with the settings the sliders are not functioning.

Hav you been experiencing these bugs again?

Write a comment of your experiences.