An aggressive mod for aggressive players

I’ve just heard about a really awesome mod.

It’s called World war X.

The mod is basically a total war scenario where peace is out of the question.

You will have to use all your production in barracks military academies etc.

Combat will be unstoppable and irresistible.

In this mod it’s basically fight to the death or trample your enemies with your chariots (or tanks) and achieve victory!

Here is the source where I found the information from.


If you think that diplomacy is just a load of useless chin wagging, and define ‘peace’ as the bit when you build your forces up before crushing everything, you might want to check out World War X. It’s an all out war mod that ramps up the aggression of the AI, lowers the cost and build times of all military units and turns the world into a snarling bear pit of angry, tooled-up nations just spoiling for a fight.

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