Civ4 mode release “January”

Today the new mods for civ4 have been announced for January. With some new cool and impressive mods. What I like about these mods that some contain civilizations that are not in the regular game. With that I mean like there are civ’s like the Dominican Republic or the Gauls or the Byzantine empire.

Now let’s see some of the new mods.

Like in december thecivblog recommends the Civ 4 history Rewritten mode again which now has some epic new civ’s and graphics. Also this mod is also on mac and PC.

Another mod that we recommend is the sword of islam mod. It takes place in the middle east where there are factions like the byzantine empire and the arab.

Our ratings for the Rewritten history mode would be 5 stars the sword of the islam would gain 3 stars as it is only based on PC so it’s not that open and the game is not so open but the storyline and the graphics make this a good mod


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