Civ5 God’s and King’s #3

To me I find that the God’s and King’s announcmnet is a sort of update for civilization 5 also it says on many  blog’s ” god’s and King’s expansion”

So if the god’s and King’s was a expansion shall we be expecting that firaxes will be updating it I think yes why might you ask.

Beacuase I think it still has lots of space for improvement

What is your guerig write a comment

God’s and King’s bug

Although the God’s and King’s expansion has not been out for a long time the first bugs have been recognized.

The bug I got was a one that is familiar of normal civilization.

The bug happened when in the diplomacy screen I payed a lot of money so that I could by a city.

The leader accepts and he get’s the money but I do not get the city.

As I said before this bug is really annoying.

Have you experienced this bug  post a comment.

Gods and kings post #2

We continuo to delf deeper into the new expansion of gods and kings.

IGN the gaming reviewer has just released a article which I would like to show you.

Building up the faith resource allows your early civilization to form a pantheon. This is a super early version of religion, one that focuses on nature. For instance, if you live amongst a series of mountains you might pick a pantheon of gods that take them into account. Having gods that complement your geography could result in national benefits, such as making stone quarries both a natural resource and a site with religious significance that generates faith.

Every religion is built on a foundation of beliefs. In Gods and Kings this comes down to five of them, chosen by the religion’s creator. When you create a pantheon you pick one belief from a pool of twenty or so, and as your religion develops you get to pick more. More specifically, each time your religion produces a great prophet you get to add another two beliefs to your pool. Adding beliefs and growing your religion fast is beneficial, as taking a belief for yourself denies it to other religions.

The beliefs you take in your religion will have long-term repercussions, and can be used to help benefit all types of victory, so they should fit your preferred playstyle. For instance several beliefs fall into what Firaxis calls “Founder Beliefs.” These beliefs include ideas such as “Just War,” which grants benefits to your military when attacking an enemy city that follows your religion. Another example is “Tithing,” which makes all cities that follow your religion, friend or foe, give your civilization money. The point of Founder Beliefs is to build your religion into something that directly benefits your nation, regardless of whether the follows are at home or abroad.

Other beliefs fall into Pantheon (discussed earlier), Enhancer, and Follower categories. Enhancer Beliefs give you access to things like cheaper missionaries, allowing you to spread your religion faster. Follower Beliefs give you access to things like special religious structures, which allow any city who follows your faith to build them and gain access to civic improvements.

During the early periods of a Gods and Kings game, religion will greatly influence diplomacy. Enemy nations and city-states will weigh your beliefs heavily when deciding whether to treat you benevolently, become your ally or go to war. After the Renaissance period religion becomes less important in diplomatic decisions, but faith nonetheless remains an important resource, allowing players to buy “great people” of any sort. Normally you have to use the corresponding resource to buy the specific type of great person (i.e. spend science for a great scientist), but faith can cross boundaries. This invariably makes it useful in the later game for whatever type of victory you’re going for.

Diplomacy has been dramatically altered outside of religion, too. AI controlled civilizations’ opinions of you used to be based on basic ideas like whether you shared a border, or if you had something they wanted. Early in the game they’ll take religion into account, while later, after religion becomes less important, they’ll consider your policy tree choice. Players pick from the Freedom, Autocracy or Order policy trees in the late game, and civilizations with conflicting policies will have a harder time coming to terms.

Politics are brutal, and for fighting a diplomatic battle Gods and Kings allows espionage. You can send spies into an opposing civilization, using them to gather intel about military plans, even getting nitty gritty details like what their army composition is like. Spies can also steal technology

See the rest of the article 

We have also made a poll on what you think about this new expansion.

Hope you buy it it’s just epic

Civilization Gods and kings expansion pack announced

Civilization 5 gods and kings expansion pack has been announced and everybody is very exited.

Whats new on this expansion pack:

There are 27 new epic units. There are also 13 new buildings and much more.


Religion played a big part in civ4 and now it’s back in civ5. Using the religion recourse you are aloud to settle your religion and customize it.


Combat has been enhanced quite allot. Especially spies now play a big role in the gameplay now

City states:

Now there is religion in civ5 there now new religious city states. These ones give extra bonuses to your religion.


Finally the romans have a scenario at last. The last roman scenario I remember was the one in civ3 now in civ5 the roman scenario is called Experience the fall of rome and there many new civ’s

Civ5 and game center

I as a Mac fan always thought about game center on Mac. And today apple said it will.

So I am thinking could this mean that if you bought civ5 on the app store shall it interact with game center. Maybe this is going to be also the next big thing for civ5 because game center uses iCloud and that means your iPhone ipod touch and iPad are involved with your civ game.

Also many people are saying that a iPad 3 will be comming out soon and might the iPad 3 have a processor powerful enough to make the full version of civ 5 on iPad.

Who knows what is your thought

Patch update February rumor

The rumor still holds power in many souls of many civ fans. But how true is this rumor is it just false hope. It might be but there are always possibilities.

We have made a shy estimate and we are not totally sure about but we are giving this speculation a 50 mark 50 chance. Let us tell you why.

Well maybe because there are not many more things to be added to the game. especially if you have the ” Year Edition” which is available on Steam. But the game has alot more bug issues like I just encountered one today when I gave 2000 gold for exchange for a city and they accepted but I didn’t get the city. Also the graphics need a really powerful computer and that can be quite annoying especially for students who don’t have a pro computer.

So update. That is for sure. Update in February. Not sure

Febuary civ5 mods

The February civ5 mods have come out with some new epic features. In this post we have listed some of the civ blog’s favorite mods.

#1. Is the Greek world mod it is a map as it was known to the Greek and have the nations that where in the period of classical Greece. The mod know has some minor bug changes and graphical updates.

#2 The crusades scenario returns back to civ. It know contains a few extra things that the civ4 crusade scenario didn’t have like a new civ winch is the kingdom of Jerusalem. Another add on is that you can not peace with the Arabs.

#3. (the epic one) This mod is called XXX century (ww1, ww2). You can play as one of the major super powers in Europe at the time

Sid meier’s discuses the future of strategy games.

Gameinformer has published a post where sid meier’s talks about the future of strategy games.


While Sid Meier is not directly designing XCOM: Enemy Unknown, a trip to Firaxis Games wouldn’t be complete without a conversation about strategy games with the legendary game designer. Game Informer’s Adam Biessener has been a rabid fan of the Civilization series for years, so the conversation floats from the past to the future of Civilization while noting the impact that the fans have had on the series. We also took this opportunity to pick Sid Meier’s mind about the state of the strategy genre and how it manages to stay relevant in a shooter-drenched marketplace. Check out the video below and leave your feedback in the comments. Enjoy!

The link is this