God’s and king’s detials

God’s and king’s as you might already know has been unveiled to the public. Already I have talked about glitches and the gameplay experience you might encounter whilst playing but I have not yet really clearly talked about the details of god’s and king’s.

To begin with for people who are already known with the basic UI (user interface) of civ5 don’t have to worry really as God’s and king’s   is using the same template.

Although the expansion is similar to the normal UI of civ5 there are some twiks and spins.

I think the two most important changes are the benefits of religion and the more advanced AI.

A really cool feature in religion is the idea you can make it your self which is really neat I think. My meaning with making your own religion is that you can start of with the base of you religion and as time passes by you get upgrades to your religion and you faith continues to spread among the world.

The improvement of the AI if find is very important especially because the recent AI of the basic civ5 was just let say it in this way “messed up” I mean for some strange reason for one minute your allies and the second later you are in full scale war. So a improvement in the AI was going to be crucial.  Now the AI think smarter more valid and logical and to put it in the short term the AI is now normal.


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