God’s and king’s best expansion pack ever

In my opinion Gods and kings expansion pack is brilliant as it also says in the title it’s great. Why is it so great well let me tell you it’s got 27 new technologies which makes the gameplay really diverse and more astonishing. The to big hits in this game are for sure religion and espionage.

As I have talked already religion I shall now talk about espionage. Espionage was never that important in the previose version of the saga but now firaxes made sure that spies would actually be one of the most important unit.

As it says in Computerandvideogames.com spies can now steal things like ultra super technoliegies or trying to influences there alies and make them enemies.

I have now finally got some information about the release date and it said that it will be released at the end of spring so around April you could say.

I hope when it comes out you will have a fun time playing it.


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