New review for god’s and kings

Today in San Francisco there was a game developer conference for firaxes. Today the topic was God’s and King’s.
A load of new screenshots of the God’s and king’s where released too like this one

In the game conference they also talked about some of he new epic civics that we are going to see like the carthagianians or the Mayans or impi tribes. Also there have been added epic improvements like he tulip fields for the netherlands.

Here is a quote from

For the first expansion to its well-reviewed turn-based strategy game, Firaxis is adding many of the things Civ fans normally expect from extended content — including 27 new units, 14 new buildings, and 9 new civilizations (including the Celts, Mayans, Byzantines, Dutch, and Carthaginians). But the changes that have me the most excited are the re-introduction of religion and espionage to the political mechanizations.

Rather than recycle the religion system used in Civilization IV, for Gods & Kings lead designer Ed Beach wanted to build a new system from the ground up. The result is a new resource, faith, that players gather just like they do with culture and science. Early in the Grand Campaign, players have the option from choosing between the 11 most common real-world religions or creating and naming their own belief system. By choosing two values, players earn specific bonuses unique to their young religion. Players can hasten the spread of their value system by purchasable missionaries and the grand prophet moving him into new cities.

I hope you enjoy gods and kings



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