God’s and king’s gameplay

I have been looking at a numerous amount of screenshots of god’s and king’s and I ams starting to think how might it look like.
Yes for sure it shall have the same GUI as the normal version from civilization 5 but my guess is already that there will be a difference in how you navigate through your menu because if god’s and king’s shall use the same menu as the current version has it will make the UI look messy and difficult to understand so I do believe that Firaxes shall work on that. So navigation most likely shall get an upgrade also this counts in how you mange your units.

The music and soundtracks shall have to change and here are some fundamental reasons why.
To fit with the new environments
To fit with the new civilizations like the Netherlands and Carthage
To fit with idea for religion
New wonders need new soundtracks

But I think for sure that Firaxes is working on that right at this moment.

Back to the UI I think that Firaxes has to improve the city screen because the new things like religion and new projects etc wont fit with the current one.

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