New civilization 4 mods

It’s been a month of civilization 5 gods and kings but also finally the new mods for civilization 4 have come out and of course like we always do we pick the best of the best

3. In the third position sits multiverse. We chose multiverse because of it’s dynamic story line which takes place in the renaissance era. Also it’s big expansion from the original game are significant for instance 90 new civilizations you don’t get that the hole time do you.

2. Although the new updated of MOO2 civ was not that significant it still has a vibrant story I think the coolest thing about this mod is very likely the idea that you are in space.

1. Sits Rohan’s rise if yo are familiar to the Lord of the Rings series you might find this one interesting. You spawn in the area called middle earth. It has got a very vibrant story. Just check this quote of

The place is Middle-earth. The Year is TA 2510. An evil group of Easterlings is moving south-west, threating Gondor and all of Middle-earth. The One Ring is still in Gollum’s Possession… Even Smaug has not been vanquished. The Orcs are coming down out of the Misty Mountains. Only one group of people can stop all Middle-earth from destruction…

This is a mod about none other than – Middle-earth! 

Which mod shall you be getting write a comment below

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