Fallen Enchantress —- New Game

Keal Paxton lead designer of Civilization 5 has created a new game called Fallen Enhantress which to me looks like an epic game. The game is more the fantasy look of Civilization. Even though this game has the same principles of civilization 5 I think it has some very unique things which make the game look much different than Civ. I think the one major thing that separates this from Civ is has a very different idea in the game. Also you brian when playing Civ would be very different than from Fallen Enchantress.

Preview Images:

battle position

New civilization 5 update improvements.

The new update for civ 5 I wrote about a few days ago I think has gave some good new improvements. A very good graphics performance which makes sure you don’t need a very powerful graphics card.

I think the biggest thing that has improved in the update is a thing you might not have recognized but I have recognized that the AI was now much more mature. It acts more normal you now know if you do something bad to a leader you know that they are going to be unhappy with you. Also leaders now just don’t randomly declare on you when they have good relationships with you.

Civ world Facebook rumored updates

Lately in the civ community there has been some speculation that there shall be some new updates for the Civilization game for Facebook.

Civ world

In the 2k forums not always but if you look well some people are suggesting a new update and I agree with them. The last time there was a big update on the game was in December so you might agree with me that it’s time for a new update. The people guess that the new update shall contain.

– Bug fixes

– New skins for buildings

– And a few new buildings and technologies

Do you think that a new update will come?

New Update for civ 5

Today If you open up Civ 5 on steam you shall get a notice that there is a new update you shall have to reinstall civilization 5 you can start playing.

The new update has some things like better performance one of the biggest issues of civ 5 is that you need to have a very powerful computer. Now with the new update it is not really required. Also new bonuses have been added to some buildings and wonders.

If have bought Civilization 5 from the app store in game DLC purchase is now available.

A few number of minor bug fixes have also been added.

Hope you like the new update

Also the official release date of God’s and King’s has been made available. 16th of june in America and 22nd of june international.

City states in God’s and King’s civ 5

First of all there have been added a few new city states to God’s and King’s. These city states are Colombus which is a mercantile city state then you also have Milan which is a cultural city sate and of course a new religious city state which is Geneva.

As you might have heard God’s and King’s have the feature of religion. Religion in God’s and King’s is also a recourse so that’s why there are city states like Geneva to improve your Religion output. The religion city states work the same way as the original city states.

Also if you listened to the latest polycast they talk about a thing when you bring military units close to the borders of a city state you might convince them to give you resources.

thats all it for now more info comming soon

PAX is now over with a review of God’s and King’s

There has been a lot of interesting stuff on PAX this week a let me bring through some of the information to you.

There are some new civ’s which I think are epic.

 Austria: Austria with Maria Theresa as leader (screenshot) is the first time really a civilization in the series. Their ability is called Diplomatic Marriage and will allow Austria to more easily absorb city states into their fold, but no specific details have been given yet.

 Ethiopia: The last announced civilization at this point was Ethiopia, with probably the most modern leader ever in Civilization, Haile Selassie (screenshot). Their UU is a rifleman replacement, the Mehal Sefari (wikipedia), and their unique ability will grant them a 20% combat bonus against empires with more cities.

 Carthage: Carthage gets an elephant UU, which strikes fear into the enemies unit and generates GGs faster, and a Quinquereme. Their UA is called Phoenician Heritage and allows them to move units over mountains (getting 50% damage if they finish their turn on them) and gives them a free harbor in each of their cities.

Some of the civilizations have not been introduced yet but there are going to be some few updates on other civ’s like Spain and Inca shall get a update also they are possibly introducing Byzantium.

Also there is an update City states to.


More info comming soon

Civilization 3 downloads mods

It’s been a long time since there have been any updates for civilization 3. Around 4 months nearly. But finally now some new ones came out at the are pretty epic so let’s go through some of them.

The mod is called The Golden Hordes Mod- 1st edition. I find this a very vibrant mod with lots of features. It shall be for sure a nice choice to add more diversity in your game.

Also new units shall make your game nicer and funner to play one of those units is called the Alexandrian Guard.

These are just a few new things you can download. If you are civilization 3 player you shall like this.


Official God’s and King’s release date announced

The official release date has been announced which shall be the 19th of june. Now I know for sure the Civ mania shall arise.

Greg on the 2k forums was the one who told about this event. Here is a quote form him.

It’s always exciting to announce a release date. It’s one of those things that everyone asks for when they’re looking forward to an upcoming game, ever hopeful that it’s sooner than they fear, and I always have to encourage them to be patient and that the announcement will happen when we’re ready. So when I finally get to announce it, I really enjoy it.

What’s even more exciting than announcing a release date, however, is announcing a release date that is a mere 10 weeks away. That’s right, Civilization V: Gods & Kings will be available in North America on June 19, and internationally on June 22!.

Are you looking forward write a comment.