PAX is now over with a review of God’s and King’s

There has been a lot of interesting stuff on PAX this week a let me bring through some of the information to you.

There are some new civ’s which I think are epic.

 Austria: Austria with Maria Theresa as leader (screenshot) is the first time really a civilization in the series. Their ability is called Diplomatic Marriage and will allow Austria to more easily absorb city states into their fold, but no specific details have been given yet.

 Ethiopia: The last announced civilization at this point was Ethiopia, with probably the most modern leader ever in Civilization, Haile Selassie (screenshot). Their UU is a rifleman replacement, the Mehal Sefari (wikipedia), and their unique ability will grant them a 20% combat bonus against empires with more cities.

 Carthage: Carthage gets an elephant UU, which strikes fear into the enemies unit and generates GGs faster, and a Quinquereme. Their UA is called Phoenician Heritage and allows them to move units over mountains (getting 50% damage if they finish their turn on them) and gives them a free harbor in each of their cities.

Some of the civilizations have not been introduced yet but there are going to be some few updates on other civ’s like Spain and Inca shall get a update also they are possibly introducing Byzantium.

Also there is an update City states to.


More info comming soon


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