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Yes it’s been just a year of thecivblog maddness from starting from defualt wordpress desgin to a sleek epic design to iPad and iPhone support. from starting from 0 viewers to now nearlly 11,000 I thank you all for this amazing progress. I would like to thank mrzero3cp.wordpress.com for giving me countless tips. Hope you will be viewing more and until next time stay to thecivblog

Civ 5 notifications updates

It used to be when a notification pop’t up like technology or of wonder buildings that this text or image would open up and you had to close it.

Now with the new update it is like a normal notification (city states national agreements etc)… Where you can exit your notifications by right clicking on the icon. It might not be a major update but it sure is nice because it is now much faster to complete you’r turns.

Here are some image examples of what you get with the new update.

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Summer Update Civ 5

Should we expect a new branch of new DLC’s comming out for civilization 5. I mean with this is that last year around this time there where a massive release of DLC’s so it might be right to think about this.

So what sort of DLC’S  should we expect.

I would think a roman DLC for sure this is because Expansion pack God’s and King’s also includes the fall of the roman empire. So probably for civ 5 there would be a rise of the roman empire DLC

Also there might be a DLC for europe and India as many of the DLC’s are based on different regions of the world.

In steam they would most likely put those DLC’s together with the other DLC pack and keep it for the same price. And they would also probably make another DLC bundle just especially for the new DLC’s and that bundle would be cheaper than the DLC bundle that has all the DLC’s with it

God’s and King’s scenario—Empire Of The Smokey Skies

Empire of the smokey skies is a scenario pack from the God’s and King’s scenario pack. It’s quite in my opinion the best scenario of all the civ series.

The new scenario boasts new features like 5 new factions and many new units. So what is this scenario actually about?

You start in the so called discovery age where you start with the technology steam power. There are new victory conditions and I think the coolest feature the airship

Interesting civ5 update

A new update came to civilization 5 just a few days ago and I found a very nice update that can help you manage your civ easily especially if you are starting your game in the renaissance era because most of the time you start with more units than your empire can manage and if you don’t recognize that you might come in crises. So the way that civ fixes this is through the menu bar.

the warning

If you look closely you can see there is a red icon with a explanation mark on there. This icon informs you about if you’r civilization has over capacity of units. So you can quickly change you’r capacity of units and make sure you don’t go into crises. Hope this help’s you.


New features for God’s and King’s

A couple of new features have been released about God’s and King’s. One of them is quite astonishing is the fact that it includes 27 new units… A very big jump. Especially in these new released features is combat updates that play a big roll. As said here buy Apolyton.com


The Civilization 5 addon Gods and Kings adds 27 new units to the game and changes the combat system. Here are the details:

Combat System

No penalty in combat on plains

Warlock the similar game of civ5

Warlock a strategy game has just been recently  been announced and it basically is very similar to the civilization 5 game. simliar to civ 5

As you can see it’s very similar to the civilization 5 UI although this similarity this game is not by FIRAXES. Although the games look similar there different. The major difference is that this is fantasy based and has a storyline whilst civilization 5 is more random.

Now am I going to buy this game? No this is because I like games with a more random story and that have more freedom also this game is only supported for Windows VISTA and maybe windows 7 (I use a MAC) so there is another point that I shall not buy the game.

What is you opinion. I guess that Civ fans won’t be buying the game. But the one who are interested in Civ but have a thirst for monsters magical creatures I think it’s there game.

So what is your opinion comment below.

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Disk cover for God’s and King’s CD ROM

Whilst roaming around the web I had found an image of the God’s and King’s CD ROM.

Here is the Image.


 What I like about this cover is that it show some of the major objectives of the game. Like the image of the Huns which is a feature and and the other civilization leader which I am not really sure of which one it is. Also it finally says that this not a MOD many people have been speculating that this is a MOD but now it’s clearly stated as an Expansion Pack

Will God’s and King’s civilization 5 be released on Mac and PC on the same date

It’s been a question I have been wondering about for a while now and I really don’t know. But lets look to this question into a more broader idea. Let’s look where Mac and PC now stand in the gaming market. PC has always been popular in gaming but as you might have recognized in the last couple of years Mac has been attracting many game developers and I do not mean iOS game developers I mean Mac os developers. My shy prediction is that God’s and King’s will be both released at the same time for Mac and PC but updates and expansion packs will still be first for PC. I say this is a shy prediction because the in the pre order it says clearly PC and also probably Civ 5 would most likely will be sold on Steam and then later on the app store or maybe it might be an In game purchase.

So I really do not know what to say right now but for sure one think God’s and King’s will never ever be on Linux 😉

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