Warlock the similar game of civ5

Warlock a strategy game has just been recently  been announced and it basically is very similar to the civilization 5 game. simliar to civ 5

As you can see it’s very similar to the civilization 5 UI although this similarity this game is not by FIRAXES. Although the games look similar there different. The major difference is that this is fantasy based and has a storyline whilst civilization 5 is more random.

Now am I going to buy this game? No this is because I like games with a more random story and that have more freedom also this game is only supported for Windows VISTA and maybe windows 7 (I use a MAC) so there is another point that I shall not buy the game.

What is you opinion. I guess that Civ fans won’t be buying the game. But the one who are interested in Civ but have a thirst for monsters magical creatures I think it’s there game.

So what is your opinion comment below.

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