Summer Update Civ 5

Should we expect a new branch of new DLC’s comming out for civilization 5. I mean with this is that last year around this time there where a massive release of DLC’s so it might be right to think about this.

So what sort of DLC’S  should we expect.

I would think a roman DLC for sure this is because Expansion pack God’s and King’s also includes the fall of the roman empire. So probably for civ 5 there would be a rise of the roman empire DLC

Also there might be a DLC for europe and India as many of the DLC’s are based on different regions of the world.

In steam they would most likely put those DLC’s together with the other DLC pack and keep it for the same price. And they would also probably make another DLC bundle just especially for the new DLC’s and that bundle would be cheaper than the DLC bundle that has all the DLC’s with it


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