School chaos over

Yes I am finally back after a tsunami of school work exams and tests. So yeah that is basically my very poor excuse to you my dear viewers. But guys… the summer vacation is about to come (yes in holland it starts so late) and in this vacation you can expect great things so stay tuned to the civblog 


Civilization 5 God’s and King’s Release

It is finally here… for nearly three months people have been waiting for the new expansion packs for civilization 5 called God’s and King’s.

It is available on steam for only 34 $ for Mac and PC in America (but wait I have to wait cause I live in europe?) and in europe and the rest of the world it will be released on the 22nd of july only 2 days (can’t wait). In euro it will cost 26.99 euros. But a warning these are not permanent as the price is 10-% off on steam. God’s and King’s sadly is not yet on the app store

Civilization Revolution Update

Yes another one has come out. It seams that finally firaxes is doing something with civ rev after long time. They seem to be updating it for nearly every two weeks. Well let me just tell you what the new update contains.

There was an issue if you logged out the hole fog of war would reappear now luckily not anymore.

There are a blooming ten new scenarios.

There is a new update

Even more animated units (yah)

And even more game achievements to brag about.

This does seem like a big update

Civ 5 update

A new nice update has been added to civ 5. 

When you conquer a civ’s city that had before and other owner you have now the option to liberate it.

This is example of what happens.


I find it pretty interesting, what is your opinion.

Updates to God’s and King’s Fall of rome

The fall of rome is a band new senario form the God’s and King’s expansion pack. This senario eatures the fall of rome and it is quite an interesting one.

Play as either Eastern Rome or Western Rome trying to fend off the barbarians OR as one of the barbarians themselves. (WebhallenOfficial) Both Eastern and Western Rome have to pick Social Politics, that have negative effects. This is supposed to reflect the political decay and decadence. The Social Politicsmake also the Barbarians stronger to make the struggle for survival harder.

Into the Renaissance

Grow your medieval kingdom into one of the great nations of Renaissance Europe, fending off outside invasions from Mongols and Ottoman Turks and fighting the religious wars of the Crusades and Reformation! (WebhallenOfficial) This scenario mainly focuses onspreading religion under leadership of a major European empire.

Hope you enjoy this one