We got the mods. Now the rest?

We got an new update for civilization 5 especially made for modders. But what about the rest?

Firaxes as you might already know has released an updated patch for especially modders but not really for the rest of the civilization players like me and I am kind of disappointed of this.

So is there a chance that firaxes will make a update for  “the rest” and the answer is most likely yes as “the rest” wants to keep getting the newest things and bug fixes. But the only question now is… when?

New civ patch

This new civ patch I think is concentrated a lot to the modding community as it features the following:

  • Steam Workshop enabled.
  • DLL swapping is now possible in-game.
  • Updated mod browser to utilize Steam Workshop.
  • Font Icons are now moddable.
  • Unit art is now fully moldable.
  • Mods are now activated the moment you click “Next” on the mods browser rather than when you click “Single Player.

So if you are a moder do you like this new update?

Type a comment below.

The Civ Blog update v1.2

It has been four days and now finally The Civ Blog has reached version 1.2. I think the biggest deal where the new pages and updates for the pages so check those out.

Also in future I would like to integrate my blog into social networks.So from now on you can Post to FaceBook, Tweet to Twitter Post to Google+ or Post reddit the pages of this web blog:). In the new future you can also do that with my blog posts.

Is it worth buying God’s and King’s?

Although I attend this topic quite late considering that God’s and King’s was made available a month ago. It was only now that I had started reading some reviews and some of them had good opinions on God’s and King’s but the majority of the reviews where very pessimistic to God’s and King’s.

Here is a quote from one of the reviews at apalyton.com

Boring, uneventful, nukeless espionage: The first thing I noticed is that all my spies have only first names, like Albert, or Alexa, or Fred. While I appreciate the need for secrecy, I do not appreciate feeling like I am sending my god damned pet goldfish off to spy on the enemy. These are professionals and they should be named as such. …

And here is another one

ntrigue is the dumbest concept ever introduced in a Civ game because it’s not even a coherently integrated game mechanic. The developers couldn’t even implement it in MP because of this incoherence. The basic idea is that your spies in enemy Civs have a chance of learning of that civ’s secret war plans, like a plan to sneak attack you or another Civ. Because Civ5 cannot read your mind, the AI can never get intrigue from you.

The developers could have easily remedied this inconsistency, say by requiring all players (including the human) ‘draw war plans’ 10 turns in advance of an invasion, but they opted to make it impossible for the AI to detect through espionage that you are plotting an invasion. The result is that you get intrigue to play with, and the AI does not.

Which would be upsetting except for the fact intrigue is useless and poorly designed anyway. A good 80% of the time, your intel is that some other AI is plotting to sneak attack another AI, which functions like a positive diplo modifier for you when you share this information with the victim AI. I suppose you could be a douche and not share the intel if you want to hurt the other player, but since the AI rarely follows through on invasion plans you learn about through ‘intrigue,’ no one really cares.

So in overall many reviewers seem to be disappointed from the game. Myself I have not yet decided if it is a good game or bad but if you want to see my review click here.

But then again these are reviewers and they are not the average consumers so my piece of advice is try it and you will see for yourself.

The Civ Blog Updates [WORK IN PROCESS]

It is time again to make this blog become a little better which means [work in progress] or this blog is technically in a sort of Beta process so expect some changes and expect some things that will not work totally perfectly. Just don’t be scared that this will take to long… it will only take around 4 days here is the schedule.

Tuesday – announcing the new update and a little refresh on the chat page which will now be called the civ chat, and some extra things in the tutorials will be refreshed.

Wednesday – changes to the iPad version

Thursday – New pages

Friday – New version released (v2.0)

Summer Updates?

Last year when I excepted new updates for civilization 5 or other expansion packs they did not come (which did disappoint me). Now I am thinking if there might come some new updates but not for civilization 5 but for Civ world. That’s right I think that civ World will get an update and here is why I think so.

Firaxes has not updated it civ world in over a half a year and because of that Civ world has now alot of bugs and crashing issues which make gameplay annoying and very disappointing. Also Civ World has not to many features and does not involve so much synergy as I and many other people would want to see.

Civ 5 mod updates

Few days ago there where mod updates for Civ 4. Now finally after a considerably long time new update info for civ 5 has been released.

Now most of them are updates and if you want know more info about them you could go to civfanatics.com.

But something that got my eye (ouch)… was that there was a mod called (Earth Plus for God’s and King’s.)

Now here are the features for this mod

The map is basically the normal Earth map from civ 5 but with some tweaks and extra features. Like putting in all the 12 natural wonders. It also uses Atoll terrain feature (don’t know what it is please tell me in the comments).

So in short it is not the biggest mod but it is worth trying.

Hope you enjoy

New civ IV mods

New mods have come out for civ IV of course like always at every end of the month.

So this month we got some new mods and ones that got updated.
Here are the following mods that where refreshed or updated

Civilisation 4 mods

Travel Through Time: Modern Alliances v2.8
Travel Through Time: Unwritten History v1.2
RFC Dawn of Civilization 1.9 by Leoreth
Dune Wars 1.9.7 by the Dune Wars Team
darkciv 2 by evertebrate
Final Frontier Plus v1.81 by God-Emperor and TC01.
History Rewritten 1.18 (for Mac and Windows) by Xyth
The American Mod v1.1 by Radio Noer
Caveman2Cosmos Version 24 by StrategyOnly and team
Travel Through Time: Eurocentrism by dacubz145
Strategic Rivers Mod – navigable rivers and more by Inyah

And now the mod that I recommend and I think is the best one is. Travel through time: Unwritten History v1.2. Like in the last two posts about civ updates I always though that Travel through time: Unwritten History was the best as it boasted many features lots of textures and a vibrant gameplay.

I think you will have a lot of fun with these mods.