New civ IV mods

New mods have come out for civ IV of course like always at every end of the month.

So this month we got some new mods and ones that got updated.
Here are the following mods that where refreshed or updated

Civilisation 4 mods

Travel Through Time: Modern Alliances v2.8
Travel Through Time: Unwritten History v1.2
RFC Dawn of Civilization 1.9 by Leoreth
Dune Wars 1.9.7 by the Dune Wars Team
darkciv 2 by evertebrate
Final Frontier Plus v1.81 by God-Emperor and TC01.
History Rewritten 1.18 (for Mac and Windows) by Xyth
The American Mod v1.1 by Radio Noer
Caveman2Cosmos Version 24 by StrategyOnly and team
Travel Through Time: Eurocentrism by dacubz145
Strategic Rivers Mod – navigable rivers and more by Inyah

And now the mod that I recommend and I think is the best one is. Travel through time: Unwritten History v1.2. Like in the last two posts about civ updates I always though that Travel through time: Unwritten History was the best as it boasted many features lots of textures and a vibrant gameplay.

I think you will have a lot of fun with these mods.

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