Civilization 5 God’s and King’s review

The time has come for me to write finally a long review about civilization’s 5 God’s and King’s (if you want to see the short version click this.)

So first I want to talk about the main story or topic that God’s and King’s is based on. So God’s and King’s is not really what you might think it is. As the title does not have to do anything big in the game. Only minor topics like the new religion and the king’s is most likely the leaders of the civilizations but hen again if you would have watched the trailer it says “it is good to be a King but it is better to be a God” and that confused me also a little bit as that had nothing to do with the game so in my conclusion God’s and King’s is just another very simple expansion pack with a lot of features and no story… Something you could say like the warlords civilization 4 expansion pack.

As I earlier said is that God’s and King’s has a lot of new features. But quite a lot of them where simple ones and obvious ones like religion and especially espionage. Even thought the idea of espionage was only introduced in the last iteration of civilization it was a very important part of the game and I did not see why they removed it from civilization 5. But anyways it is back in God’s and King’s and has been enhanced a lot. For instance now you can find out information if other civilization’s are plotting against other civilizations or if you go into a city state you can rig elections and that city state will increase it influence to you. Now if you are familiar to the old way of espionage you first had to build the Scotland Yard a s then you could start recruiting spies in your city and they would be just like a normal unit on the map who could perform different things. Now in civilization 5 Gods and kings it is different. First of all your spy or spies can not be requited by yourself instead they get automaticity requited by the game and it works like this. You enter the Reniacanse and you get your first spy you enter the industrial era you get your second spy and so forth that’s probably why there are more eras than in the default civilization 5.This can be annoying but also benefiting. For instance you are at war with someone and your enemy is still I the Reniacanse and you are in the modern era. The enemies spy would most likely want to target you capital city. So you can defend your capital city and send the two other spies to spy in multiple enemy cities.

Religion is another new feature in God’s and King’s that has been reintroduced and enhanced compared to civilization 4. The first difference is that technology has nothing to do now with religion. It used to be that if you wanted let say christianity you had to get the tech of Theology. Now you first have to get enough faith that you can get by building shines temples etc. Then if you have around 15 faith a religion window pops up and you can set up your not your religion yet but more a believe. What cool is that it is sort of based on real life civilizations. So for instance the Dutch can not do the papal premacy because they are Protestant. After you have set up your main believe you can after a while start your religion which is created by a great prophet.

City states are another big feature in the new game which now a have around double the quests as they are called but another thing is that espionage is also involved. What happens for instance is that let say you moved a spy in a city state. Unlike when you access a civilization city you can access the city screen and steel technology in a city state you can only rig elections although this might seem as a small thing. Imagine you could gain influence with out paying tons of money whilst at the same time you might insure a diplomatic victory.

These are on my opinion the three major things in God’s and King’s that change the experience a lot in overall and like I already said God’s and King’s is a great expansion pack with a lot of great features just don’t be don’t judge the name with the game.

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