Roman God’s and King’s Scenario Review

Last week I have been trying out the new Fall of the Roman empire Scenario in God’s and King’s and I decided to little review for it.

First of all it is very complicated map. If you are one of the Roman empire you will need to lose no cities and defend your front lines and when you are a barbarian you need to conquer three cities which need to be from each one civ.

I played first as one of the Romans civ’s but I quickly resigned as it was very difficult and complicated. So if you are not a Hardcore player I would suggest to be a Barbarian. In my opinion I found that being a barbarian also is more enjoying because you instead of losing cities which would be agitating you actually get cities which is quite satisfying. So yes strongly recommend to be barbarian.

That’t the review now expect more of these but they might take a little while to write (Sorry) also you should all check out the new iPhone 😉


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