Civilization 5 MMO

Civilization is turning to MMO in Asia. Yes that is right our favorite game is going multiplayer and could this be again another big release for Firaxes.

The civilization MMO is being developed by Firaxes and XLGAMES and as written before be concentrated on the Asian market (we still can not say released only for Asia as there is no proof for it).

It is still has not had any sort of preview yet so we won’t really no how it will look like and what it will be.

Anyway If there is any extra news comming out soon I will insure I will post about immediately.

Winter update rumors

It’s become a rumor manifest on the Internet about what might become the next patch that comes out in the winter and I have some on speculation my self on this topic.
Now that God’s and King’s has come out we have seen a flood of mods especially for God’s and King’s. So I think that they are going to make a steam workshop especially for God’s and King’s. Then another thing that they might probably do is add a Game Center API for the Mac App Store addition. This is quite likely to happen as Civ 5 has gotten great reviews on the Mac App Store been on the featured games. And like that there has also been an explosion of new players. Another thing which for me is more of a hope than a rumor is that they add more expansion packs scenarios and items like that.

The winter update could be an amazing thing if Firaxes makes good changes. But if the update is minor like we have seen in the autumn update it won’t be successful also they have to do something with there Mac App Store version.

Civ 5 mod updates

Finally the October mods for civ 5 have come out and they are good. Let’s go through them.


Here I will chose my favorite mods and what they are about.

Well the first one is not really a mod but more an addition unit which I really liked and it is called the Dutch lancer


Next one I like is the is a civ made for god’s and king’s (civ 5 expansion pack) and it’s called The Flemish Community mod. It adds some nice cities like Bruge, Antwerp, Brussels and so forth.
The features are for this mode. UA: Artistic Heritage. +1 Culture for each specialist. +5% Gold and Production in your 4 largest cities for each Policy Branch finished.
UU: City Militia, replaces Pikeman. Slightly stronger and bonus in Marsh.
UB: Belfort, replaces Castle. +1 (v) or 2 (g+k) Gold, +2 Culture, cheaper but less defense than Castle.
UB: Béguinage (v), replaces Monastery. Requires no Wine or Incense but gives no culture bonus for them either, +1 Happiness.

And last but not least is The American civil war scenario mod. It takes place in a time when America is split between north and south you have to complete it in 120 turns and your objective is to reunite the United States of America.
Like many other mods this requires God’s and King’s and is now available on steam workshop for civ5

That’s it for this month let’s hope next moth brings again amazing mods.

Civ Rev iOS 6 bugs

Once again it is another post about bugs only this one is on civ rev. I my self have been having a great experience with it since the new update came out. Unfortunately not for my friend and it is not really an in game bug but it actually is an issue with the GameCenter API. The issue is that his game center achievements never get saved or get reseted. 

After doing some searching I actually figured this was a widespread issue but then on the iPod Touch 4th generation which I see as quite accurate as it has not been bothering on my 1st generation iPod Touch (which by the way runs iOS 3.1.3) and on my iPad 2 (which runs iOS 6)

So I think this is bassicly an issue with iOS 6 with the Game Center API

Civ 5 bugs out once again

Even though there was civ 5 update on steam. There was not one on the app store to my surprise, which means I still get the bugs I got on the version before. So today I was starting up a new Campaign with the Byzantine empire (God’s and King’s) and something went wrong with the load up.

As you can see a graphics but also computing issue. The most noticeable thing is most probably the checker board. But as you can also see there is the American icon with egyptian pyramids. ODD.

Even so Eventually my game crashed and you might say this is an issue with memory or graphics card etc. But i don’t think so as I have a sutibale graphics card to play Civ 5  (NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256 MB) and I quite every app that was running so that could not be a memory issue.

If you have experienced this before comment and If you know a solution comment below.