Winter update rumors

It’s become a rumor manifest on the Internet about what might become the next patch that comes out in the winter and I have some on speculation my self on this topic.
Now that God’s and King’s has come out we have seen a flood of mods especially for God’s and King’s. So I think that they are going to make a steam workshop especially for God’s and King’s. Then another thing that they might probably do is add a Game Center API for the Mac App Store addition. This is quite likely to happen as Civ 5 has gotten great reviews on the Mac App Store been on the featured games. And like that there has also been an explosion of new players. Another thing which for me is more of a hope than a rumor is that they add more expansion packs scenarios and items like that.

The winter update could be an amazing thing if Firaxes makes good changes. But if the update is minor like we have seen in the autumn update it won’t be successful also they have to do something with there Mac App Store version.

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