Next Year is the year for Civ 5 mobile.

This year we have seen a leap in mobile technology. So the big question is when will tablets for instance be powerful enough to run Civ 5.   Well the truth is probably by end 2013.

So if there was Civ 5 on tablets what should it be. Well I think we all agree that it should have all the same units, buildings, technologies etc. Basically what would be nice is that we have to full fledged Civilization Game. Then we also need to think about the graphics. What should the game look like. Well it could possibly just be the normal graphics you have on the computer but then all turned down to the lowest setting and last what would be the controls. Now this could be a tricky one I mean would could take the basic controls from the Civ rev game (which by the way is on iOS already) and in implement them in Civ 5. But what about like ranged attacks and items of the game that need complicated controls, Gesturers?

Well that is a pretty hard one to solve but if they crack the code having Civilization 5 on mobile would be amazing!