New Expansion Pack For Civ 5

Nearly a year ago God’s and King’s was announced and there was a lot of hype about and the it was a great release. Now nearly a year later should we expect another expansion pack just like we had in civ 4 when we got multiple ones like Civilization Colonization or probably the big hit Civilization beyond the Sword.

And from what I have seen it is quite obvious that we see at least a decent expansion pack as we have seen that every game since Civ 2 had an expansion pack.

But what would it be about. So we could have a multiple themes such as just an expansion with a ton of new features (like God’s and King’s) or one that follows more a specific storyline (like Civilization Colonization). So if you pick from these two things, it is most likely that we see the one that is more like Civilization Colonization as we have already seen a more Civilization 4 warlords expansion pack.

But who really knows what firaxes keep under the hood.


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