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It’s been another year for The Civ Blog and the guys at wordpress have made a nice representation of how 2012 went.

And many people might find that The Civ Blog has not changed over the course of the year. But I think it has.

So that is one post ready now the next one whats changed in civ 5 this year.

The Civ Blog and How it looked like a year ago
The Civ Blog and How it looked like a year agoNew

Merry Christmas and many civilization wishes

Merry Christmas.

So what did you get this year for christmas? Something civilization related like God’s and King’s or an expansion pack?

Talking about expansion packs what’s firaxes doing about it. The last couple of months the civ community has been relatively silent (including myself) and this makes me wonder whats going on? Because most of the time around this year we have seen there is actually a lot of news, like last year we had updates to civ world (you know that game that no one plays) and civilization 5 and Civ rev for iOS. But now there’s not been a peep out of firaxes. Not even bug fix updates. So that makes me wonder is there something big they are working? Like a new complete version of the Civilization franchise (meaning civ 6)? Or are the planning to make civ 5 compatible with iOS devices. It’s all very fishy so what do you think is going on at firaxes?

What to do in a Modern Era War

In the modern era it is crucial to win wars, if you lose your production science money and culture go down and eventually you’ll enter in a position that you get destroyed or at the brink of losing the game. So in the modern battlefield of the civilization gameplay, what should you do.

First you have to choose the right social policies which give you military advantages second you need a handful of units. So what unit should it be. In my opinion it are tanks and artillery. Although these units are far not the best units in the game they are still quite powerful and cheap to make. So what you can do is build them in mass production and even though you don’t have the most powerful units tanks are agile and quick and artillery have a good range and  are powerful against cities.

So if you are in a modern war build these units in mass production and you are the offensive killer machine.

The tank icon

Why I have not been posting as much as before and updates

Some of you guys who have followed my blog for a while might have known that I certainly used to post more. Now I have gone somewhat in a different direction.

First of all I used to do a lot of posts of bugs that first where not that interesting to read and now that the game (civilization 5) has matured the amount of bugs have been vastly decreased. Also a new model I have been taking is one that I write blog posts with more quality. I really found that before especially last year I wrote a lot with not a lot information and everything was very unproductive. Now I have had nearly three years of experience of blogging I have learned a lot and I find that quality is substantially better the quantity.

So after that little explain column I would like to discuss the future of The Civ Blog. The last couple weeks I have been planning a new overhaul update which probably give the blog a new fresh UI leaving the current theme behind after using it for over a year! And adding small little useful features which will surly  come in handy. So TheCivBlog version 3.0 here will come for sure before the new year so that 2013 will be another amazing year for TheCivBlog!

Also this is not so related, but for people who do not know I have a YouTube channel called PixelyFilms this has been running for a while but it only started to get somewhat popular a couple of weeks ago. So check that out because the more subs I get the more likely I will be accepted for the YouTube partnership! Also I have a twitter which is so check that out but if you think that is pure civ news. You will have to probably look at some other tweeters.

Also I would like to inform I am updating the about page soon as it has been my 3rd year on the internet which makes me really happy and should already check out the about page as it has some nifty info but really what I am writing in a couple of days is going to be a lot.

Will we expect a winter update for Civ 5

Last year Civ 5 had a major update just before christmas so will we be expecting that this year?

Through the year of 2012 Civ 5 was refined and updated with small improvements and like that after a year Civ 5 is now more refined more stable and its seams now to be a a complete game. So what update would complete the year 2012 and start the year of 2013. Well that is something could hopefully mean one thing that I would like really like and that is Game Center integration so that multiplayer can finally be a part of Civ 5 app store purchased and achievements like the ones you have in Steam.