Merry Christmas and many civilization wishes

Merry Christmas.

So what did you get this year for christmas? Something civilization related like God’s and King’s or an expansion pack?

Talking about expansion packs what’s firaxes doing about it. The last couple of months the civ community has been relatively silent (including myself) and this makes me wonder whats going on? Because most of the time around this year we have seen there is actually a lot of news, like last year we had updates to civ world (you know that game that no one plays) and civilization 5 and Civ rev for iOS. But now there’s not been a peep out of firaxes. Not even bug fix updates. So that makes me wonder is there something big they are working? Like a new complete version of the Civilization franchise (meaning civ 6)? Or are the planning to make civ 5 compatible with iOS devices. It’s all very fishy so what do you think is going on at firaxes?


One thought on “Merry Christmas and many civilization wishes”

  1. You too! Have an awesome day! 🙂 Also, I think I might buy a .com domain soon for! Btw, only 20k more hits until 100k! Super close for me! 🙂

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