Civilization 5 gold edition

It’s been announced that a gold edition of civ 5 will come out this year including all the DLC’s and Gods and kings.
Now of they release this gold edition of civ 5 this year it would probably mean that the rumored new world expansion back will be seen in 2014.
But really all of this speculation and announcements are good as they waken a winter sleeping civ community.


Energy, rumours and a new expansion pack?

A couple of rumours which have indicated that a new expansion pack might be coming this year.The rumour comes after someone found this in the steam database. 



As you can see there have been added to new items to the list which are One World Content and One World EXE.

So this presumably means that the new Expansion will be called One World. So what could it be about a survival game where you only have a limited amount of recourses. Who knows

Anyway this rumour has started and its starting to put energy in this civ community which I like.

Something’s wrong

Most of the time around this time Firaxes would just plummet news about patches or expansion packs or new game but at the moment nothing. And you can see this also on major blog’s like civfanatics or aptylon, and also with me too.
So what is wrong, are they concentrating all the work on Civ 6 or is the year 2013 the year for other projects instead the civilization franchise.

So what do you think comment below.

Announcement for Pixely-Fims

Yes finally after more than a year coming soon to my channel is a civilization 5 series. It is probably going to depute sometime in early February. I am already releasing some details about it to. In the series I will be playing as the Austrians. It will be map size small which would mean that there will be around 4-5 civ’s playing. The map I will be using is the Europe

So I hope you will enjoy the series and if you do I would appreciate if you clicked the like button.

What to expect for civ the comming year

Happy New to you all.

Now lets get to bushiness. What could we expect for civ in 2013. For the first time I do not have an idea what we might expect this year as firaxes seemed to have stopped doing anything with civ world and for more than a whole year firaxes has not released a new scenario pack. Neither have they announced a new expansion pack yet. But there is still time so we will have to wait and see.

Something I think where the civilization franchise might be go towards to in 2013 is multitouch. We already have seen little hints this year as Civilization is now compatible with touchscreen Ultrabooks running the Windows 8 operating system.

But what will happen with civilization with mobile. Especially last year (2012) there was suddenly an explosion in mobile gaming and mobile usage. Firaxes reacted by making civilization 5 compatible with mobile but it did not really kick as it was only for very powerful android phones and civ 5 mobile did not support iOS neither tablets from android and iOS. Although what firaxes did do is make there Civilization Revolution mobile version with smoother graphics and more animations. But the thing Civilization Revolution is that it is not really the hardcore Civilization game. But maybe thats what Firaxes wants. Their more casual version on mobile and the more real civilization on computer.

Whats your opinion write in the comments below.