Civilization 5 Bugs

Just a while ago I went to the the mac app store to read some reviews of Civilization 5 and many of the reviews mention annoying bugs.


As you see the reviews of the bugs are around the release time of the God’s and King’s expansion pack on the Mac app store, so it might be the God’s and King’s could be part of this. Also what quite strange is that these bugs have not been occurring on the Mac version on steam and only on the Mac app store version.

Their might be a reason to this and reason why it’s taken so long to fix is that the steam version and the Mac app store version have different code. It might have somehow in the workflow gotten in to a mess and it might be why its taking so long to fix these bugs.


What is your opinion on this situation comment below

The end of civ world

I had speculated already quite a while ago due to the lack of updates to civ world its days where numbered and the month of may will be the begging of the end for civ word.
Firaxes has announced that it will on the 29th of may shut the game down from Facebook, what started as a very ambitious start up now after two years is being being shut down quietly.