Two years of The Civ Blog and Civilization Update

Firstly before we continuo about the civilization news I would just like to announce that The Civ Blog is two years old and I would like to thank to all who support the blog.

Now to the news

As you might have heard already Firaxes has announced a new expansion pack for Civilization 5 which is called Brave New World. Although we don’t know to much about this expansion pack we do know that it has at the moment three new civilizations which are Assyria, Brazil and Poland. We are also not sure if it is going to be a big update but many in the last post voted for a smaller expansion pack then God’s and King’s.

Something that is ending soon is the Facebook Civilization game called civ world which although the hype in the beginning of its release nothing really happened to it and still after three years it stayed beta. So civ world will die with a horrible title, civ world gets killed on the 29th of May.

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