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Civilization Beyond Earth pre purchase

Firaxes has today jus announced that you can pre purchase a digitial copy of the new Civilisation Beyond Earth game on Steam. 

If you buy it now the game will be available for download on October 24th There are two options and two prices for purchasing Civilisation Beyond Earth. The first pricing option is 49,99 Dollars and includes only the game. The second pricing option is 69,99 Dollars, this is a bundle which includes not only Civilisation Beyond Earth but also Civilization III Civilization IV and Civilization V.

Pre purchasing at the moment is only available for Windows.

New Year, New Civ?

So hi all and a belated happy new year!

So I was wondering about something, it occurred to me that every major release of civ happened about every 4-5 years so we might hopefully be expecting some nice news from the guys at Firaxes about a complete new Civ game like something that might be called Civilization 6? Maybe, we won’t know for sure but we will most likely again here something from the guys at Firaxes for sure but if it will be about a new expansion pack or a new game we won’t know yet.

The Future Roadmap for the Civilization franchise

<p><p><p>As it has been nearly a whole month since the introduction and the release of the Brave New World expansion pack I decided to try to predict the future roadmap for the Civilization franchise. So let’s get started.<p>Like Civilization 4 I would predict that Civilization 5 will have three different Expansion packs which would most likely mean that the last expansion pack will be released in the middle of next year 2014. Probably the year later in early 2015 firaxes would most likely announce Civilization 6 or a continuation of the civilization franchise. This of course is not sure as we have seen firaxes branch in to new Game franchises such as the quite successful game XCOM: Enemy Unknown. But if all goes well Civilization 6 will be announced in early 2015 and released between September and November for both Mac and PC and later in the following years introduce expansion packs for civilization 6. <p>All of this is speculation but it seams to be the most probable future for the civilization franchise.

What to expect from “Brave New World”

Recently Firaxes announced a new expansion pack called “Brave New World” with this announcement they announced a couple of new civilisation’s with their unique features. But Firaxes did not make any new features available to the public which made me think of something.

Unlike the expansion pack God’s and King’s which was released last year I think that this years expansion pack will include many new cool civilisations but not really cool features like the addition of religion and espionage. I think that this DLC could be but more like the expansion pack Warlords for Civilisation 4.

So what do you think will Brave New World be as big of an expansion pack as God’s and King’s or will it be smaller like the expansion pack for Civilisation, Warlords.

New civ IV mods

New mods have come out for civ IV of course like always at every end of the month.

So this month we got some new mods and ones that got updated.
Here are the following mods that where refreshed or updated

Civilisation 4 mods

Travel Through Time: Modern Alliances v2.8
Travel Through Time: Unwritten History v1.2
RFC Dawn of Civilization 1.9 by Leoreth
Dune Wars 1.9.7 by the Dune Wars Team
darkciv 2 by evertebrate
Final Frontier Plus v1.81 by God-Emperor and TC01.
History Rewritten 1.18 (for Mac and Windows) by Xyth
The American Mod v1.1 by Radio Noer
Caveman2Cosmos Version 24 by StrategyOnly and team
Travel Through Time: Eurocentrism by dacubz145
Strategic Rivers Mod – navigable rivers and more by Inyah

And now the mod that I recommend and I think is the best one is. Travel through time: Unwritten History v1.2. Like in the last two posts about civ updates I always though that Travel through time: Unwritten History was the best as it boasted many features lots of textures and a vibrant gameplay.

I think you will have a lot of fun with these mods.

Civ4 mode release “January”

Today the new mods for civ4 have been announced for January. With some new cool and impressive mods. What I like about these mods that some contain civilizations that are not in the regular game. With that I mean like there are civ’s like the Dominican Republic or the Gauls or the Byzantine empire.

Now let’s see some of the new mods.

Like in december thecivblog recommends the Civ 4 history Rewritten mode again which now has some epic new civ’s and graphics. Also this mod is also on mac and PC.

Another mod that we recommend is the sword of islam mod. It takes place in the middle east where there are factions like the byzantine empire and the arab.

Our ratings for the Rewritten history mode would be 5 stars the sword of the islam would gain 3 stars as it is only based on PC so it’s not that open and the game is not so open but the storyline and the graphics make this a good mod

Civilization 4 bug

For a time now I am starting to experience the most awkward bug.

It started all like this. I was playing civilization 4 nicely and bug free until every time this would happen to me.

ex I was playing suddenly I could not fortify the unit with the icon panels. I had to use the commands. Then what happened the commands even didn’t work and I tried to refresh the game but when I restarted civ4 the game bug did not disappear.