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The End of Civ world

On the 29th of May we remember a civ game which was supposed to bring the civilization franchise completely multiplayer. But all this ambition was short lived, Civ world through its life stayed beta all the time and had only one major update nearly three years ago. By the end of his life it became buggy and glicht a lot.
Now this game that no one really played or liked has been killed by its own creator Firaxes

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Two years of The Civ Blog and Civilization Update

Firstly before we continuo about the civilization news I would just like to announce that The Civ Blog is two years old and I would like to thank to all who support the blog.

Now to the news

As you might have heard already Firaxes has announced a new expansion pack for Civilization 5 which is called Brave New World. Although we don’t know to much about this expansion pack we do know that it has at the moment three new civilizations which are Assyria, Brazil and Poland. We are also not sure if it is going to be a big update but many in the last post voted for a smaller expansion pack then God’s and King’s.

Something that is ending soon is the Facebook Civilization game called civ world which although the hype in the beginning of its release nothing really happened to it and still after three years it stayed beta. So civ world will die with a horrible title, civ world gets killed on the 29th of May.

The end of civ world

I had speculated already quite a while ago due to the lack of updates to civ world its days where numbered and the month of may will be the begging of the end for civ word.
Firaxes has announced that it will on the 29th of may shut the game down from Facebook, what started as a very ambitious start up now after two years is being being shut down quietly.


What is it with Civ World?

Well, it’s been over a year and the Civilization game Civ World is still in beta. And you might think why is that a big deal?

Well, because most of the time beta games get update frequently. This is not the case with Civ World the last update came nearly a year ago (yes their have been more updates to Civ 5 in a year than with Civ World) And the last update was not really big one just featuring some minor bug fixes and a new skin.

And this can be bad because of a number of thing which are the following: The game get’s outdated and web tech like ADOBE FLASH and Html 5 advance and Civ world stays on old technology. Second and this one is probably one of the biggest and that is bugs. If you don’t update code for a while things start to get bad and the game get’s more and more bugs. Which is quite recognizable as I was trying it out today for a short while and it was slow unresponsive many buttons took a long time to load it was spazzing lagging and the list goes on.

So if Firaxes wants to fix Civ World they will have to do a lot to it to make it work properly and really get that beta away.

It still says beta
Why is Civ world still Beta?

Summer Updates?

Last year when I excepted new updates for civilization 5 or other expansion packs they did not come (which did disappoint me). Now I am thinking if there might come some new updates but not for civilization 5 but for Civ world. That’s right I think that civ World will get an update and here is why I think so.

Firaxes has not updated it civ world in over a half a year and because of that Civ world has now alot of bugs and crashing issues which make gameplay annoying and very disappointing. Also Civ World has not to many features and does not involve so much synergy as I and many other people would want to see.

Will civ world be updated

Somewhere in the dust there is a game called Civ world. Okay maybe not but who finds it fun anyways anymore.

The last time that civ world was updated was in december… and that was just a small update which had a different skin to the buildings called steampuk. Now I do get it that because of God’s and King’s Civ world was not really not in their concentration, but really there was not even an easter hunt update. So we will just wait and see how long Civ world might survive before it is killed by Firaxes.

For reference Civ world is a FaceBook game.

Civ world Facebook rumored updates

Lately in the civ community there has been some speculation that there shall be some new updates for the Civilization game for Facebook.

Civ world

In the 2k forums not always but if you look well some people are suggesting a new update and I agree with them. The last time there was a big update on the game was in December so you might agree with me that it’s time for a new update. The people guess that the new update shall contain.

– Bug fixes

– New skins for buildings

– And a few new buildings and technologies

Do you think that a new update will come?

Civ world is not communitive bug

Civ world is a Facebook game in wher people can work together.

On civworld you have the option to be a independent nation and you will be quite isolated.

Now another thing is that if you are the same nation as other people you can work together.

This is suddenly not working and it’s quite annoying as I can not get extra science culture and food bonuses.

If you don’t have those bonuses you nation will be really backward.

Gaev you been experiencing this?

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