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Civilization Beyond Earth pre purchase

Firaxes has today jus announced that you can pre purchase a digitial copy of the new Civilisation Beyond Earth game on Steam. 

If you buy it now the game will be available for download on October 24th There are two options and two prices for purchasing Civilisation Beyond Earth. The first pricing option is 49,99 Dollars and includes only the game. The second pricing option is 69,99 Dollars, this is a bundle which includes not only Civilisation Beyond Earth but also Civilization III Civilization IV and Civilization V.

Pre purchasing at the moment is only available for Windows.


Civilization 3 downloads mods

It’s been a long time since there have been any updates for civilization 3. Around 4 months nearly. But finally now some new ones came out at the are pretty epic so let’s go through some of them.

The mod is called The Golden Hordes Mod- 1st edition. I find this a very vibrant mod with lots of features. It shall be for sure a nice choice to add more diversity in your game.

Also new units shall make your game nicer and funner to play one of those units is called the Alexandrian Guard.

These are just a few new things you can download. If you are civilization 3 player you shall like this.


A tip for old fans

For the ones who still play civ 3 but don’t know any cheats or tips this post and few upcoming posts will help you beat your game easier.

Today I want to cover a handy tip which many people know as the block the island move. What you do is you surround your hole island shores (beaches) with any type of unit you want! Enemies or neutral civi scouts can’t get on your land… Until they got the marines but for a pretty big chunk of the game you are well deafened unless someone joined you on your island.

This guy is trying to accomplish our post tip