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New Civ 5 Update on Mac App Store not loved

Civilization 5 has lately been getting quite some heat lately on the Mac App Store. Civilization 5 (OSX Version) seams to have been getting performance issues most particularly crashing. And the response of the community has not been positive about it. The game went from a nearly perfect 5 star rating to a 3 star rating currently. And this for a app featured on the Mac App Store is not to acceptable.

Although I myself have not been getting these issues I have recognized that on some more low powered machines the issue occurs far more often. Which to me sounds as if it is a optimization issue. Which Civilization 5 was never great at compared to Civilization 4 or the upcoming Rome 2 Total war.

All in all Firaxes and Aspyer have some hard issues to fix in the long run.


What is it with Civ World?

Well, it’s been over a year and the Civilization game Civ World is still in beta. And you might think why is that a big deal?

Well, because most of the time beta games get update frequently. This is not the case with Civ World the last update came nearly a year ago (yes their have been more updates to Civ 5 in a year than with Civ World) And the last update was not really big one just featuring some minor bug fixes and a new skin.

And this can be bad because of a number of thing which are the following: The game get’s outdated and web tech like ADOBE FLASH and Html 5 advance and Civ world stays on old technology. Second and this one is probably one of the biggest and that is bugs. If you don’t update code for a while things start to get bad and the game get’s more and more bugs. Which is quite recognizable as I was trying it out today for a short while and it was slow unresponsive many buttons took a long time to load it was spazzing lagging and the list goes on.

So if Firaxes wants to fix Civ World they will have to do a lot to it to make it work properly and really get that beta away.

It still says beta
Why is Civ world still Beta?

Civ Rev iOS 6 bugs

Once again it is another post about bugs only this one is on civ rev. I my self have been having a great experience with it since the new update came out. Unfortunately not for my friend and it is not really an in game bug but it actually is an issue with the GameCenter API. The issue is that his game center achievements never get saved or get reseted. 

After doing some searching I actually figured this was a widespread issue but then on the iPod Touch 4th generation which I see as quite accurate as it has not been bothering on my 1st generation iPod Touch (which by the way runs iOS 3.1.3) and on my iPad 2 (which runs iOS 6)

So I think this is bassicly an issue with iOS 6 with the Game Center API

Civ 5 bugs out once again

Even though there was civ 5 update on steam. There was not one on the app store to my surprise, which means I still get the bugs I got on the version before. So today I was starting up a new Campaign with the Byzantine empire (God’s and King’s) and something went wrong with the load up.

As you can see a graphics but also computing issue. The most noticeable thing is most probably the checker board. But as you can also see there is the American icon with egyptian pyramids. ODD.

Even so Eventually my game crashed and you might say this is an issue with memory or graphics card etc. But i don’t think so as I have a sutibale graphics card to play Civ 5  (NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256 MB) and I quite every app that was running so that could not be a memory issue.

If you have experienced this before comment and If you know a solution comment below.

Bugs in God’s and King’s

Bugs have started to be appearing in God’s and King’s which gives you sort of advantages you could say.

The most noticeable bug that I have been getting is when an archer enemy archer unit enters your borders and it becomes your unit. Which you could say is good for you but also the same thing happens when you enter with your archer unit into enemy territory which can be very annoying.

Another bug is that when entering the city screen there are no options to buy new tiles which is a feature I heftily and now with this bug the hole thing is ruined.

Another bug is when enemies start attacking cities with Giant Death Robots they get destroyed.

I hope that these bugs get quickly fixed in a new patch update.

Summer Updates?

Last year when I excepted new updates for civilization 5 or other expansion packs they did not come (which did disappoint me). Now I am thinking if there might come some new updates but not for civilization 5 but for Civ world. That’s right I think that civ World will get an update and here is why I think so.

Firaxes has not updated it civ world in over a half a year and because of that Civ world has now alot of bugs and crashing issues which make gameplay annoying and very disappointing. Also Civ World has not to many features and does not involve so much synergy as I and many other people would want to see.

Civilization Revolution Update

Yes another one has come out. It seams that finally firaxes is doing something with civ rev after long time. They seem to be updating it for nearly every two weeks. Well let me just tell you what the new update contains.

There was an issue if you logged out the hole fog of war would reappear now luckily not anymore.

There are a blooming ten new scenarios.

There is a new update

Even more animated units (yah)

And even more game achievements to brag about.

This does seem like a big update

Civ rev border bugs

Today whilst playing civ rev I was starting to encounter some old bugs I used to have in the first update. I call this border bugs or glitches. Let me just explain them to you around every 10 min the borders of civilizations disappear then after a few seconds they reaper or when going near poles you just see some random borders here are some examples.



God’s and King’s bug

Although the God’s and King’s expansion has not been out for a long time the first bugs have been recognized.

The bug I got was a one that is familiar of normal civilization.

The bug happened when in the diplomacy screen I payed a lot of money so that I could by a city.

The leader accepts and he get’s the money but I do not get the city.

As I said before this bug is really annoying.

Have you experienced this bug  post a comment.