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Civilization Revolution 2

Yes it is here finally, well nearly.

Firaxes and 2k are going to release the new version of civ rev on July 2nd, for iOS and android.

The game will be the first civ rev game to come after the release of Civ 5 so hopefully this means that it might share some characteristics with civ 5, a bit like Civ 5 for mobile (yes it actually existed).

The game from what screenshots have released will have updated graphics new game mechanics and so on.

One thing I was very surprised about though was the fact that it was not coming to PS4 and XBOX one, at least for now

What to expect for civ the comming year

Happy New to you all.

Now lets get to bushiness. What could we expect for civ in 2013. For the first time I do not have an idea what we might expect this year as firaxes seemed to have stopped doing anything with civ world and for more than a whole year firaxes has not released a new scenario pack. Neither have they announced a new expansion pack yet. But there is still time so we will have to wait and see.

Something I think where the civilization franchise might be go towards to in 2013 is multitouch. We already have seen little hints this year as Civilization is now compatible with touchscreen Ultrabooks running the Windows 8 operating system.

But what will happen with civilization with mobile. Especially last year (2012) there was suddenly an explosion in mobile gaming and mobile usage. Firaxes reacted by making civilization 5 compatible with mobile but it did not really kick as it was only for very powerful android phones and civ 5 mobile did not support iOS neither tablets from android and iOS. Although what firaxes did do is make there Civilization Revolution mobile version with smoother graphics and more animations. But the thing Civilization Revolution is that it is not really the hardcore Civilization game. But maybe thats what Firaxes wants. Their more casual version on mobile and the more real civilization on computer.

Whats your opinion write in the comments below.

Next Year is the year for Civ 5 mobile.

This year we have seen a leap in mobile technology. So the big question is when will tablets for instance be powerful enough to run Civ 5.   Well the truth is probably by end 2013.

So if there was Civ 5 on tablets what should it be. Well I think we all agree that it should have all the same units, buildings, technologies etc. Basically what would be nice is that we have to full fledged Civilization Game. Then we also need to think about the graphics. What should the game look like. Well it could possibly just be the normal graphics you have on the computer but then all turned down to the lowest setting and last what would be the controls. Now this could be a tricky one I mean would could take the basic controls from the Civ rev game (which by the way is on iOS already) and in implement them in Civ 5. But what about like ranged attacks and items of the game that need complicated controls, Gesturers?

Well that is a pretty hard one to solve but if they crack the code having Civilization 5 on mobile would be amazing!

Civ Rev iOS 6 bugs

Once again it is another post about bugs only this one is on civ rev. I my self have been having a great experience with it since the new update came out. Unfortunately not for my friend and it is not really an in game bug but it actually is an issue with the GameCenter API. The issue is that his game center achievements never get saved or get reseted. 

After doing some searching I actually figured this was a widespread issue but then on the iPod Touch 4th generation which I see as quite accurate as it has not been bothering on my 1st generation iPod Touch (which by the way runs iOS 3.1.3) and on my iPad 2 (which runs iOS 6)

So I think this is bassicly an issue with iOS 6 with the Game Center API

New Civilization Revolution?

The original Civ Rev was released in 2007 and 2008 on the app store and now I am wondering if there is a future for the game. And you might be quite surprised because I think there is a future for the Civ Rev iOS version as I think it is the only one that has the potential as the mobile gaming community including iOS is community is growing much faster than the other platforms like XBOX . Also as mobile hardware starts to becomes more powerful Civ rev will get better graphics or cut scenes.

And if you are a Civ rev user you might have already seen that Firaxes paying more attention to there iOS version like game center integration. It is also one of the few games that support iCloud. So if Civ Rev iOS is getting updates quite frequently (even more than civ5) what could we expect!

Also there might be a chance that they could decide to make Civ rev a sub franchise. But still is very unlikely to happen :).

iOS civ 5 rumors

Quite a long time ago I had a post mentioning the idea of civ 5 for iOS (especially for iPad). I came up with this idea because earlier there was a release of civ 5 for other mobile platforms surprisingly not for iOS. Although later I gave up on the idea it seams that I was not the only one thinking about this matter and lately I have been hearing quite a lot of rumors about this subject.

Tell me in the comments below about what you think about this matter?