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Release info about Beyond Earth

So it seems first of all that beyond earth (the new civ game) will be official released somewhere in september, a clear date has not been given yet but judging by the last release dat of 10 September or Civ 5 it will probably be released again early in September.

Then most likely it will be released a bit later for Mac most likely a month later. For OSX the likelihood that it will include snow leopard in the system requirements will in my opinion be quite low.

For Windows it is hard to say but I think that Vista will also be dropped for the new Civ Beyond Earth game.


So in the end my prediction with using facts is:

Windows Release: September 10th System Requirements Windows 7 and higher

OSX Release: October 22nd System Requirements OSX 10.7 and higher

New Year, New Civ?

So hi all and a belated happy new year!

So I was wondering about something, it occurred to me that every major release of civ happened about every 4-5 years so we might hopefully be expecting some nice news from the guys at Firaxes about a complete new Civ game like something that might be called Civilization 6? Maybe, we won’t know for sure but we will most likely again here something from the guys at Firaxes for sure but if it will be about a new expansion pack or a new game we won’t know yet.

The Future Roadmap for the Civilization franchise

<p><p><p>As it has been nearly a whole month since the introduction and the release of the Brave New World expansion pack I decided to try to predict the future roadmap for the Civilization franchise. So let’s get started.<p>Like Civilization 4 I would predict that Civilization 5 will have three different Expansion packs which would most likely mean that the last expansion pack will be released in the middle of next year 2014. Probably the year later in early 2015 firaxes would most likely announce Civilization 6 or a continuation of the civilization franchise. This of course is not sure as we have seen firaxes branch in to new Game franchises such as the quite successful game XCOM: Enemy Unknown. But if all goes well Civilization 6 will be announced in early 2015 and released between September and November for both Mac and PC and later in the following years introduce expansion packs for civilization 6. <p>All of this is speculation but it seams to be the most probable future for the civilization franchise.

What to expect from “Brave New World”

Recently Firaxes announced a new expansion pack called “Brave New World” with this announcement they announced a couple of new civilisation’s with their unique features. But Firaxes did not make any new features available to the public which made me think of something.

Unlike the expansion pack God’s and King’s which was released last year I think that this years expansion pack will include many new cool civilisations but not really cool features like the addition of religion and espionage. I think that this DLC could be but more like the expansion pack Warlords for Civilisation 4.

So what do you think will Brave New World be as big of an expansion pack as God’s and King’s or will it be smaller like the expansion pack for Civilisation, Warlords.

What to expect for civ the comming year

Happy New to you all.

Now lets get to bushiness. What could we expect for civ in 2013. For the first time I do not have an idea what we might expect this year as firaxes seemed to have stopped doing anything with civ world and for more than a whole year firaxes has not released a new scenario pack. Neither have they announced a new expansion pack yet. But there is still time so we will have to wait and see.

Something I think where the civilization franchise might be go towards to in 2013 is multitouch. We already have seen little hints this year as Civilization is now compatible with touchscreen Ultrabooks running the Windows 8 operating system.

But what will happen with civilization with mobile. Especially last year (2012) there was suddenly an explosion in mobile gaming and mobile usage. Firaxes reacted by making civilization 5 compatible with mobile but it did not really kick as it was only for very powerful android phones and civ 5 mobile did not support iOS neither tablets from android and iOS. Although what firaxes did do is make there Civilization Revolution mobile version with smoother graphics and more animations. But the thing Civilization Revolution is that it is not really the hardcore Civilization game. But maybe thats what Firaxes wants. Their more casual version on mobile and the more real civilization on computer.

Whats your opinion write in the comments below.

Merry Christmas and many civilization wishes

Merry Christmas.

So what did you get this year for christmas? Something civilization related like God’s and King’s or an expansion pack?

Talking about expansion packs what’s firaxes doing about it. The last couple of months the civ community has been relatively silent (including myself) and this makes me wonder whats going on? Because most of the time around this year we have seen there is actually a lot of news, like last year we had updates to civ world (you know that game that no one plays) and civilization 5 and Civ rev for iOS. But now there’s not been a peep out of firaxes. Not even bug fix updates. So that makes me wonder is there something big they are working? Like a new complete version of the Civilization franchise (meaning civ 6)? Or are the planning to make civ 5 compatible with iOS devices. It’s all very fishy so what do you think is going on at firaxes?

Will we expect a winter update for Civ 5

Last year Civ 5 had a major update just before christmas so will we be expecting that this year?

Through the year of 2012 Civ 5 was refined and updated with small improvements and like that after a year Civ 5 is now more refined more stable and its seams now to be a a complete game. So what update would complete the year 2012 and start the year of 2013. Well that is something could hopefully mean one thing that I would like really like and that is Game Center integration so that multiplayer can finally be a part of Civ 5 app store purchased and achievements like the ones you have in Steam.

New Expansion Pack For Civ 5

Nearly a year ago God’s and King’s was announced and there was a lot of hype about and the it was a great release. Now nearly a year later should we expect another expansion pack just like we had in civ 4 when we got multiple ones like Civilization Colonization or probably the big hit Civilization beyond the Sword.

And from what I have seen it is quite obvious that we see at least a decent expansion pack as we have seen that every game since Civ 2 had an expansion pack.

But what would it be about. So we could have a multiple themes such as just an expansion with a ton of new features (like God’s and King’s) or one that follows more a specific storyline (like Civilization Colonization). So if you pick from these two things, it is most likely that we see the one that is more like Civilization Colonization as we have already seen a more Civilization 4 warlords expansion pack.

But who really knows what firaxes keep under the hood.

Next Year is the year for Civ 5 mobile.

This year we have seen a leap in mobile technology. So the big question is when will tablets for instance be powerful enough to run Civ 5.   Well the truth is probably by end 2013.

So if there was Civ 5 on tablets what should it be. Well I think we all agree that it should have all the same units, buildings, technologies etc. Basically what would be nice is that we have to full fledged Civilization Game. Then we also need to think about the graphics. What should the game look like. Well it could possibly just be the normal graphics you have on the computer but then all turned down to the lowest setting and last what would be the controls. Now this could be a tricky one I mean would could take the basic controls from the Civ rev game (which by the way is on iOS already) and in implement them in Civ 5. But what about like ranged attacks and items of the game that need complicated controls, Gesturers?

Well that is a pretty hard one to solve but if they crack the code having Civilization 5 on mobile would be amazing!

Winter update rumors

It’s become a rumor manifest on the Internet about what might become the next patch that comes out in the winter and I have some on speculation my self on this topic.
Now that God’s and King’s has come out we have seen a flood of mods especially for God’s and King’s. So I think that they are going to make a steam workshop especially for God’s and King’s. Then another thing that they might probably do is add a Game Center API for the Mac App Store addition. This is quite likely to happen as Civ 5 has gotten great reviews on the Mac App Store been on the featured games. And like that there has also been an explosion of new players. Another thing which for me is more of a hope than a rumor is that they add more expansion packs scenarios and items like that.

The winter update could be an amazing thing if Firaxes makes good changes. But if the update is minor like we have seen in the autumn update it won’t be successful also they have to do something with there Mac App Store version.