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Civilization Beyond Earth pre purchase

Firaxes has today jus announced that you can pre purchase a digitial copy of the new Civilisation Beyond Earth game on Steam. 

If you buy it now the game will be available for download on October 24th There are two options and two prices for purchasing Civilisation Beyond Earth. The first pricing option is 49,99 Dollars and includes only the game. The second pricing option is 69,99 Dollars, this is a bundle which includes not only Civilisation Beyond Earth but also Civilization III Civilization IV and Civilization V.

Pre purchasing at the moment is only available for Windows.

Release date Civilization Beyond Earth

The release date of Civilization Beyond earth has been announced. It will be released worldwide on the 24th of October. It will be released simultaneously for PC Mac and Linux (unlike with Civ 5 where it came a whole two month later out). Although availability has not yet been clarified it will most likely have a CD download including a digital download from steam. It is not clear if it will be released on the Mac App Store on day one.

Civilization Revolution 2

Yes it is here finally, well nearly.

Firaxes and 2k are going to release the new version of civ rev on July 2nd, for iOS and android.

The game will be the first civ rev game to come after the release of Civ 5 so hopefully this means that it might share some characteristics with civ 5, a bit like Civ 5 for mobile (yes it actually existed).

The game from what screenshots have released will have updated graphics new game mechanics and so on.

One thing I was very surprised about though was the fact that it was not coming to PS4 and XBOX one, at least for now

Release info about Beyond Earth

So it seems first of all that beyond earth (the new civ game) will be official released somewhere in september, a clear date has not been given yet but judging by the last release dat of 10 September or Civ 5 it will probably be released again early in September.

Then most likely it will be released a bit later for Mac most likely a month later. For OSX the likelihood that it will include snow leopard in the system requirements will in my opinion be quite low.

For Windows it is hard to say but I think that Vista will also be dropped for the new Civ Beyond Earth game.


So in the end my prediction with using facts is:

Windows Release: September 10th System Requirements Windows 7 and higher

OSX Release: October 22nd System Requirements OSX 10.7 and higher

Civ 5 2 years old

It happened already a few days ago but I had no chance yet to write about that. But anyway if you are new to civilization 5 you might not know that it was released on 21st of september and last year around a week later Firaxes released a year of the game was released and I just though something like that could happen this year or just discounts.

But you know what whatever might happen this time I think it will be good. 🙂

Warlock the similar game of civ5

Warlock a strategy game has just been recently  been announced and it basically is very similar to the civilization 5 game. simliar to civ 5

As you can see it’s very similar to the civilization 5 UI although this similarity this game is not by FIRAXES. Although the games look similar there different. The major difference is that this is fantasy based and has a storyline whilst civilization 5 is more random.

Now am I going to buy this game? No this is because I like games with a more random story and that have more freedom also this game is only supported for Windows VISTA and maybe windows 7 (I use a MAC) so there is another point that I shall not buy the game.

What is you opinion. I guess that Civ fans won’t be buying the game. But the one who are interested in Civ but have a thirst for monsters magical creatures I think it’s there game.

So what is your opinion comment below.

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Will God’s and King’s civilization 5 be released on Mac and PC on the same date

It’s been a question I have been wondering about for a while now and I really don’t know. But lets look to this question into a more broader idea. Let’s look where Mac and PC now stand in the gaming market. PC has always been popular in gaming but as you might have recognized in the last couple of years Mac has been attracting many game developers and I do not mean iOS game developers I mean Mac os developers. My shy prediction is that God’s and King’s will be both released at the same time for Mac and PC but updates and expansion packs will still be first for PC. I say this is a shy prediction because the in the pre order it says clearly PC and also probably Civ 5 would most likely will be sold on Steam and then later on the app store or maybe it might be an In game purchase.

So I really do not know what to say right now but for sure one think God’s and King’s will never ever be on Linux 😉

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City states in God’s and King’s civ 5

First of all there have been added a few new city states to God’s and King’s. These city states are Colombus which is a mercantile city state then you also have Milan which is a cultural city sate and of course a new religious city state which is Geneva.

As you might have heard God’s and King’s have the feature of religion. Religion in God’s and King’s is also a recourse so that’s why there are city states like Geneva to improve your Religion output. The religion city states work the same way as the original city states.

Also if you listened to the latest polycast they talk about a thing when you bring military units close to the borders of a city state you might convince them to give you resources.

thats all it for now more info comming soon

Official God’s and King’s release date announced

The official release date has been announced which shall be the 19th of june. Now I know for sure the Civ mania shall arise.

Greg on the 2k forums was the one who told about this event. Here is a quote form him.

It’s always exciting to announce a release date. It’s one of those things that everyone asks for when they’re looking forward to an upcoming game, ever hopeful that it’s sooner than they fear, and I always have to encourage them to be patient and that the announcement will happen when we’re ready. So when I finally get to announce it, I really enjoy it.

What’s even more exciting than announcing a release date, however, is announcing a release date that is a mere 10 weeks away. That’s right, Civilization V: Gods & Kings will be available in North America on June 19, and internationally on June 22!.

Are you looking forward write a comment.