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Civilization Beyond Earth walkthrough

With the recent events happening around Civilization Beyond Earth I though it would be quite helpful to you people if you saw one of the gameplay’s of the game, to give you a small idea of how the game will look like when it is released in October.

I will also post the trailer here if you have not seen it yet.



Hope you enjoy them if you haven’t seen them yet.




Release date Civilization Beyond Earth

The release date of Civilization Beyond earth has been announced. It will be released worldwide on the 24th of October. It will be released simultaneously for PC Mac and Linux (unlike with Civ 5 where it came a whole two month later out). Although availability has not yet been clarified it will most likely have a CD download including a digital download from steam. It is not clear if it will be released on the Mac App Store on day one.

Civilization Revolution 2

Yes it is here finally, well nearly.

Firaxes and 2k are going to release the new version of civ rev on July 2nd, for iOS and android.

The game will be the first civ rev game to come after the release of Civ 5 so hopefully this means that it might share some characteristics with civ 5, a bit like Civ 5 for mobile (yes it actually existed).

The game from what screenshots have released will have updated graphics new game mechanics and so on.

One thing I was very surprised about though was the fact that it was not coming to PS4 and XBOX one, at least for now

Merry Christmas and many civilization wishes

Merry Christmas.

So what did you get this year for christmas? Something civilization related like God’s and King’s or an expansion pack?

Talking about expansion packs what’s firaxes doing about it. The last couple of months the civ community has been relatively silent (including myself) and this makes me wonder whats going on? Because most of the time around this year we have seen there is actually a lot of news, like last year we had updates to civ world (you know that game that no one plays) and civilization 5 and Civ rev for iOS. But now there’s not been a peep out of firaxes. Not even bug fix updates. So that makes me wonder is there something big they are working? Like a new complete version of the Civilization franchise (meaning civ 6)? Or are the planning to make civ 5 compatible with iOS devices. It’s all very fishy so what do you think is going on at firaxes?

Will we expect a winter update for Civ 5

Last year Civ 5 had a major update just before christmas so will we be expecting that this year?

Through the year of 2012 Civ 5 was refined and updated with small improvements and like that after a year Civ 5 is now more refined more stable and its seams now to be a a complete game. So what update would complete the year 2012 and start the year of 2013. Well that is something could hopefully mean one thing that I would like really like and that is Game Center integration so that multiplayer can finally be a part of Civ 5 app store purchased and achievements like the ones you have in Steam.

What is it with Civ World?

Well, it’s been over a year and the Civilization game Civ World is still in beta. And you might think why is that a big deal?

Well, because most of the time beta games get update frequently. This is not the case with Civ World the last update came nearly a year ago (yes their have been more updates to Civ 5 in a year than with Civ World) And the last update was not really big one just featuring some minor bug fixes and a new skin.

And this can be bad because of a number of thing which are the following: The game get’s outdated and web tech like ADOBE FLASH and Html 5 advance and Civ world stays on old technology. Second and this one is probably one of the biggest and that is bugs. If you don’t update code for a while things start to get bad and the game get’s more and more bugs. Which is quite recognizable as I was trying it out today for a short while and it was slow unresponsive many buttons took a long time to load it was spazzing lagging and the list goes on.

So if Firaxes wants to fix Civ World they will have to do a lot to it to make it work properly and really get that beta away.

It still says beta
Why is Civ world still Beta?

Civilization 5 MMO

Civilization is turning to MMO in Asia. Yes that is right our favorite game is going multiplayer and could this be again another big release for Firaxes.

The civilization MMO is being developed by Firaxes and XLGAMES and as written before be concentrated on the Asian market (we still can not say released only for Asia as there is no proof for it).

It is still has not had any sort of preview yet so we won’t really no how it will look like and what it will be.

Anyway If there is any extra news comming out soon I will insure I will post about immediately.

Winter update rumors

It’s become a rumor manifest on the Internet about what might become the next patch that comes out in the winter and I have some on speculation my self on this topic.
Now that God’s and King’s has come out we have seen a flood of mods especially for God’s and King’s. So I think that they are going to make a steam workshop especially for God’s and King’s. Then another thing that they might probably do is add a Game Center API for the Mac App Store addition. This is quite likely to happen as Civ 5 has gotten great reviews on the Mac App Store been on the featured games. And like that there has also been an explosion of new players. Another thing which for me is more of a hope than a rumor is that they add more expansion packs scenarios and items like that.

The winter update could be an amazing thing if Firaxes makes good changes. But if the update is minor like we have seen in the autumn update it won’t be successful also they have to do something with there Mac App Store version.

No more scenarios

Let’s face the truth. We have not seen any new scenarios for almost a year and it is has pondered this question in my head if we still going to expect a new scenario and in my opinion probably not even though they could do so many other things I think that they have left it up to the modders and now also with the steam workshop I think that there mission is complete which is not do our own stuff but let the community make which in some senesce is quite good.

The Civ Blog update v1.2

It has been four days and now finally The Civ Blog has reached version 1.2. I think the biggest deal where the new pages and updates for the pages so check those out.

Also in future I would like to integrate my blog into social networks.So from now on you can Post to FaceBook, Tweet to Twitter Post to Google+ or Post reddit the pages of this web blog:). In the new future you can also do that with my blog posts.