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Civilization Beyond Earth Released for Mac

Civilization Beyond Earth has been released for Mac just a couple days ago, you can buy it from the App store and Steam. Firaxes and 2K have also announced that the Linux version of the game will come soon.

I will now install Civ BE and just play around with it and write a post about my experiences later.

iOS civ 5 rumors

Quite a long time ago I had a post mentioning the idea of civ 5 for iOS (especially for iPad). I came up with this idea because earlier there was a release of civ 5 for other mobile platforms surprisingly not for iOS. Although later I gave up on the idea it seams that I was not the only one thinking about this matter and lately I have been hearing quite a lot of rumors about this subject.

Tell me in the comments below about what you think about this matter?

Will God’s and King’s civilization 5 be released on Mac and PC on the same date

It’s been a question I have been wondering about for a while now and I really don’t know. But lets look to this question into a more broader idea. Let’s look where Mac and PC now stand in the gaming market. PC has always been popular in gaming but as you might have recognized in the last couple of years Mac has been attracting many game developers and I do not mean iOS game developers I mean Mac os developers. My shy prediction is that God’s and King’s will be both released at the same time for Mac and PC but updates and expansion packs will still be first for PC. I say this is a shy prediction because the in the pre order it says clearly PC and also probably Civ 5 would most likely will be sold on Steam and then later on the app store or maybe it might be an In game purchase.

So I really do not know what to say right now but for sure one think God’s and King’s will never ever be on Linux 😉

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Mountain lion with civ5

I have already talked about this matter I think but considering how close the release might me I thought I would delve deeper into details. As mountain lion shall have game center I have some expectations what firaxes might do. First of all if you buy civililization 5 on the Mac app stores I think that it will interact with game center.  Second also what I think is that civ rev will be playable and downloadable on the Mac apps store. Also I think that now with iCloud you can play civ rev on your iPad and continou on you Mac.