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Civilization Revolution 2

Yes it is here finally, well nearly.

Firaxes and 2k are going to release the new version of civ rev on July 2nd, for iOS and android.

The game will be the first civ rev game to come after the release of Civ 5 so hopefully this means that it might share some characteristics with civ 5, a bit like Civ 5 for mobile (yes it actually existed).

The game from what screenshots have released will have updated graphics new game mechanics and so on.

One thing I was very surprised about though was the fact that it was not coming to PS4 and XBOX one, at least for now

Civilization Revolution update

Recently there came a new update to civ rev which ads multiplayer support which is a feature which I have been waiting for since the release of the game 5 years ago. Also they have added something interesting, just like with civ 5 on the mac app store they have added in app purchases. Such as wonders new units etc, so could there be a chance that there will be soon to come expansion packs for Civ rev?

What is your opinion on it?


Civ rev crash

The new civ rev iOS has fixed many bugs. But for some reason that I can not understand is that the game still  keeps crashing. Could this be the cause because I am using the original iPad? Not likely I think but it may. Just to tell when the game crashes, the game crashes every time I try to continue my game NOT when I want to start a new game. I find this case quite mysterious.

Has this happened to you please comment and maybe answer this mysterious phenomena.

Civ rev bugs again. But this time on the Xbox360

Yes again civ rev is having annoying bugs but this time on the Xbox.

This is what happend as my friend had told me.

” I had settled a new city. I didn’t like the name I went to the option that make sure that your city name becomes different. I typed in the name and waited until the name changed…. No results. I tried again…. No results”

Mm I know it’s not most annoying bug but this might end up as a catastrophe.

Comment on what do you think this might be