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Civilization Beyond Earth pre purchase

Firaxes has today jus announced that you can pre purchase a digitial copy of the new Civilisation Beyond Earth game on Steam. 

If you buy it now the game will be available for download on October 24th There are two options and two prices for purchasing Civilisation Beyond Earth. The first pricing option is 49,99 Dollars and includes only the game. The second pricing option is 69,99 Dollars, this is a bundle which includes not only Civilisation Beyond Earth but also Civilization III Civilization IV and Civilization V.

Pre purchasing at the moment is only available for Windows.

The End of Civ world

On the 29th of May we remember a civ game which was supposed to bring the civilization franchise completely multiplayer. But all this ambition was short lived, Civ world through its life stayed beta all the time and had only one major update nearly three years ago. By the end of his life it became buggy and glicht a lot.
Now this game that no one really played or liked has been killed by its own creator Firaxes

Did you play civ world comment below

Civilization 5 Bugs

Just a while ago I went to the the mac app store to read some reviews of Civilization 5 and many of the reviews mention annoying bugs.


As you see the reviews of the bugs are around the release time of the God’s and King’s expansion pack on the Mac app store, so it might be the God’s and King’s could be part of this. Also what quite strange is that these bugs have not been occurring on the Mac version on steam and only on the Mac app store version.

Their might be a reason to this and reason why it’s taken so long to fix is that the steam version and the Mac app store version have different code. It might have somehow in the workflow gotten in to a mess and it might be why its taking so long to fix these bugs.


What is your opinion on this situation comment below

Civilization 5 gold edition

Yesterday the gold edition of civilization 5 was released on steam which included all the expansion packs such as the Inca Spain expansion pack or the God’s and Kings expansion pack. The price for this Gold edition is 39,99€. Which compared to civilization’s 5 price is not much more.

As said before the gold edition is currently only available in the steam store.

Warlock the similar game of civ5

Warlock a strategy game has just been recently  been announced and it basically is very similar to the civilization 5 game. simliar to civ 5

As you can see it’s very similar to the civilization 5 UI although this similarity this game is not by FIRAXES. Although the games look similar there different. The major difference is that this is fantasy based and has a storyline whilst civilization 5 is more random.

Now am I going to buy this game? No this is because I like games with a more random story and that have more freedom also this game is only supported for Windows VISTA and maybe windows 7 (I use a MAC) so there is another point that I shall not buy the game.

What is you opinion. I guess that Civ fans won’t be buying the game. But the one who are interested in Civ but have a thirst for monsters magical creatures I think it’s there game.

So what is your opinion comment below.

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Civ world Facebook rumored updates

Lately in the civ community there has been some speculation that there shall be some new updates for the Civilization game for Facebook.

Civ world

In the 2k forums not always but if you look well some people are suggesting a new update and I agree with them. The last time there was a big update on the game was in December so you might agree with me that it’s time for a new update. The people guess that the new update shall contain.

– Bug fixes

– New skins for buildings

– And a few new buildings and technologies

Do you think that a new update will come?