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Civilization Beyond Earth Released for Mac

Civilization Beyond Earth has been released for Mac just a couple days ago, you can buy it from the App store and Steam. Firaxes and 2K have also announced that the Linux version of the game will come soon.

I will now install Civ BE and just play around with it and write a post about my experiences later.


Civilization Beyond Earth walkthrough

With the recent events happening around Civilization Beyond Earth I though it would be quite helpful to you people if you saw one of the gameplay’s of the game, to give you a small idea of how the game will look like when it is released in October.

I will also post the trailer here if you have not seen it yet.



Hope you enjoy them if you haven’t seen them yet.



Release info about Beyond Earth

So it seems first of all that beyond earth (the new civ game) will be official released somewhere in september, a clear date has not been given yet but judging by the last release dat of 10 September or Civ 5 it will probably be released again early in September.

Then most likely it will be released a bit later for Mac most likely a month later. For OSX the likelihood that it will include snow leopard in the system requirements will in my opinion be quite low.

For Windows it is hard to say but I think that Vista will also be dropped for the new Civ Beyond Earth game.


So in the end my prediction with using facts is:

Windows Release: September 10th System Requirements Windows 7 and higher

OSX Release: October 22nd System Requirements OSX 10.7 and higher

The end of civ world

I had speculated already quite a while ago due to the lack of updates to civ world its days where numbered and the month of may will be the begging of the end for civ word.
Firaxes has announced that it will on the 29th of may shut the game down from Facebook, what started as a very ambitious start up now after two years is being being shut down quietly.


Civilization Revolution update

Recently there came a new update to civ rev which ads multiplayer support which is a feature which I have been waiting for since the release of the game 5 years ago. Also they have added something interesting, just like with civ 5 on the mac app store they have added in app purchases. Such as wonders new units etc, so could there be a chance that there will be soon to come expansion packs for Civ rev?

What is your opinion on it?


Civilization 5 gold edition

Yesterday the gold edition of civilization 5 was released on steam which included all the expansion packs such as the Inca Spain expansion pack or the God’s and Kings expansion pack. The price for this Gold edition is 39,99€. Which compared to civilization’s 5 price is not much more.

As said before the gold edition is currently only available in the steam store.

Civilization 5 gold edition

It’s been announced that a gold edition of civ 5 will come out this year including all the DLC’s and Gods and kings.
Now of they release this gold edition of civ 5 this year it would probably mean that the rumored new world expansion back will be seen in 2014.
But really all of this speculation and announcements are good as they waken a winter sleeping civ community.

We got the mods. Now the rest?

We got an new update for civilization 5 especially made for modders. But what about the rest?

Firaxes as you might already know has released an updated patch for especially modders but not really for the rest of the civilization players like me and I am kind of disappointed of this.

So is there a chance that firaxes will make a update for  “the rest” and the answer is most likely yes as “the rest” wants to keep getting the newest things and bug fixes. But the only question now is… when?

Summer Updates?

Last year when I excepted new updates for civilization 5 or other expansion packs they did not come (which did disappoint me). Now I am thinking if there might come some new updates but not for civilization 5 but for Civ world. That’s right I think that civ World will get an update and here is why I think so.

Firaxes has not updated it civ world in over a half a year and because of that Civ world has now alot of bugs and crashing issues which make gameplay annoying and very disappointing. Also Civ World has not to many features and does not involve so much synergy as I and many other people would want to see.