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God’s and King’s bug

Although the God’s and King’s expansion has not been out for a long time the first bugs have been recognized.

The bug I got was a one that is familiar of normal civilization.

The bug happened when in the diplomacy screen I payed a lot of money so that I could by a city.

The leader accepts and he get’s the money but I do not get the city.

As I said before this bug is really annoying.

Have you experienced this bug  post a comment.


Leaders are pixely

The christmas update was a massive improvement to bugs glitches and so forth.

But I am having a lot of problems with the graphics of the game.

It is running really slowly and is not working properly like it should.

The funniest thing I have recognized is that the outside lines of the leaders in the diplomacy screen are quite pixelized I might say.

Look at these images.

Funny hey

comment if this has been happening to you.