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Steampunk Civ

Today I would like to talk about a mod thats been out for Civ for a while now but I never got into it. A couple of days ago I decided to give it a go and I loved it. The game ideas and mechanics are changed quite a lot but they make sense and are still amazing. I love all the customized units such as land icon lands are the air balloons. It makes the game feel so much more interesting.

Winning the game is a bit different than in a usual civ game, instead of winning a science victory by going to Alpha Centauri or winning a Domination Victory by conquering all the Capital cities in the world, here in the steampunk mod you win victories by owning the most units or generating the most gold in a period of time, its pretty nice in my opinion.

I recommend you to give it a try and I think you’ll like it.


New deal for Civilization 5 and Brave New World

New deals for Civ 5 and Brave New world have gotten discounts from the game reseller GameAgent, the prices both of Civ 5 and Brave New World have been decreased by 75%.

The sale includes a couple of other games such as BioShock Infinite.

civ 5 with brave new world

New Year, New Civ?

So hi all and a belated happy new year!

So I was wondering about something, it occurred to me that every major release of civ happened about every 4-5 years so we might hopefully be expecting some nice news from the guys at Firaxes about a complete new Civ game like something that might be called Civilization 6? Maybe, we won’t know for sure but we will most likely again here something from the guys at Firaxes for sure but if it will be about a new expansion pack or a new game we won’t know yet.

Announcement Brave New World

As many of you probably know that the Brave New World expansion pack just very recently was released to be exact on the 9th of July. If you do not know much about its availability yet here is a little overview.
It has been released on Mac and PC on steam and is available as a DLC. You do have to buy civilization 5 to run it just like with God’s and King’s. It is also available on the Apple Mac App Store as a DLC likewise as with steam you need to buy Civilization 5 first and then the DLC.
Of course with both steam and the Mac App Store if you already have civilization 5 you only need to buy the DLC brave new world.

I will be coming out with a review of the game shortly.

Post in the comments what your own opinion on the new DLC is.

New Update for civ 5

Today If you open up Civ 5 on steam you shall get a notice that there is a new update you shall have to reinstall civilization 5 you can start playing.

The new update has some things like better performance one of the biggest issues of civ 5 is that you need to have a very powerful computer. Now with the new update it is not really required. Also new bonuses have been added to some buildings and wonders.

If have bought Civilization 5 from the app store in game DLC purchase is now available.

A few number of minor bug fixes have also been added.

Hope you like the new update

Also the official release date of God’s and King’s has been made available. 16th of june in America and 22nd of june international.

Roumors for febuary patch release civ5

Al around the civ community there have been popping around roumors of a new patch release somewhere in febuary. Many people belive this as last year in febuary there was a big patch release. I am quite exited about this new “roumor” but is it true. Here are some reactions on the 2k forums.

What sorcery is this??? I live on the internet and I’ve heard nothing of the sort…

A quick Google search shows me that there are a few sites that call the DLC, such as the Denmark/Scenario pack, an “expansion”. However, there’s nothing indicating a full scale expansion anywhere. In fact, at least 2 of the links on the first page were to this site and CivFanatics regarding speculation on when an expansion will come.

? what do you think