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Mountain lion with civ5

I have already talked about this matter I think but considering how close the release might me I thought I would delve deeper into details. As mountain lion shall have game center I have some expectations what firaxes might do. First of all if you buy civililization 5 on the Mac app stores I think that it will interact with game center.  Second also what I think is that civ rev will be playable and downloadable on the Mac apps store. Also I think that now with iCloud you can play civ rev on your iPad and continou on you Mac.


Civ5 and game center

I as a Mac fan always thought about game center on Mac. And today apple said it will.

So I am thinking could this mean that if you bought civ5 on the app store shall it interact with game center. Maybe this is going to be also the next big thing for civ5 because game center uses iCloud and that means your iPhone ipod touch and iPad are involved with your civ game.

Also many people are saying that a iPad 3 will be comming out soon and might the iPad 3 have a processor powerful enough to make the full version of civ 5 on iPad.

Who knows what is your thought

HD civ rev update iOS 5.1

Today I got the new civ rev update and it is very impressive.

One of the new things I like about it are the update graphics. ( They look more natural.)

Also there are somewhew cool soundtrack updates and fixes which is good because now I will not get those annoying music bugs.

Also the combat glitches and bugsshave been improved and finnaly some new interaction with game center. ( 29 achievements)