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New Year, New Civ?

So hi all and a belated happy new year!

So I was wondering about something, it occurred to me that every major release of civ happened about every 4-5 years so we might hopefully be expecting some nice news from the guys at Firaxes about a complete new Civ game like something that might be called Civilization 6? Maybe, we won’t know for sure but we will most likely again here something from the guys at Firaxes for sure but if it will be about a new expansion pack or a new game we won’t know yet.

Announcement Brave New World

As many of you probably know that the Brave New World expansion pack just very recently was released to be exact on the 9th of July. If you do not know much about its availability yet here is a little overview.
It has been released on Mac and PC on steam and is available as a DLC. You do have to buy civilization 5 to run it just like with God’s and King’s. It is also available on the Apple Mac App Store as a DLC likewise as with steam you need to buy Civilization 5 first and then the DLC.
Of course with both steam and the Mac App Store if you already have civilization 5 you only need to buy the DLC brave new world.

I will be coming out with a review of the game shortly.

Post in the comments what your own opinion on the new DLC is.

Civilization 5 gold edition

It’s been announced that a gold edition of civ 5 will come out this year including all the DLC’s and Gods and kings.
Now of they release this gold edition of civ 5 this year it would probably mean that the rumored new world expansion back will be seen in 2014.
But really all of this speculation and announcements are good as they waken a winter sleeping civ community.

Updates to God’s and King’s Fall of rome

The fall of rome is a band new senario form the God’s and King’s expansion pack. This senario eatures the fall of rome and it is quite an interesting one.

Play as either Eastern Rome or Western Rome trying to fend off the barbarians OR as one of the barbarians themselves. (WebhallenOfficial) Both Eastern and Western Rome have to pick Social Politics, that have negative effects. This is supposed to reflect the political decay and decadence. The Social Politicsmake also the Barbarians stronger to make the struggle for survival harder.

Into the Renaissance

Grow your medieval kingdom into one of the great nations of Renaissance Europe, fending off outside invasions from Mongols and Ottoman Turks and fighting the religious wars of the Crusades and Reformation! (WebhallenOfficial) This scenario mainly focuses onspreading religion under leadership of a major European empire.

Hope you enjoy this one