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Steampunk Civ

Today I would like to talk about a mod thats been out for Civ for a while now but I never got into it. A couple of days ago I decided to give it a go and I loved it. The game ideas and mechanics are changed quite a lot but they make sense and are still amazing. I love all the customized units such as land icon lands are the air balloons. It makes the game feel so much more interesting.

Winning the game is a bit different than in a usual civ game, instead of winning a science victory by going to Alpha Centauri or winning a Domination Victory by conquering all the Capital cities in the world, here in the steampunk mod you win victories by owning the most units or generating the most gold in a period of time, its pretty nice in my opinion.

I recommend you to give it a try and I think you’ll like it.


Modding in CIV 5 and a Merry Christmas

First of all Merry Christmas to all of you hope you had great dinner yesterday!

Although the modding community is great in the civ 5 making mods and adding mods in the game I think is quite hard to do (somewhat a similar issue with Minecraft). I think a  good way to fix this issue is to add a mod installer in the game menu when you start the game. Now you might think that there is already solution to this… the steam workshop, but as you might already know Civ 5 is available on disk and the Mac app store where such a feature is not included. So how do you think Firaxes could fix this modding issue. Post it in the comments below

Civ 5 mod updates

Finally the October mods for civ 5 have come out and they are good. Let’s go through them.


Here I will chose my favorite mods and what they are about.

Well the first one is not really a mod but more an addition unit which I really liked and it is called the Dutch lancer


Next one I like is the is a civ made for god’s and king’s (civ 5 expansion pack) and it’s called The Flemish Community mod. It adds some nice cities like Bruge, Antwerp, Brussels and so forth.
The features are for this mode. UA: Artistic Heritage. +1 Culture for each specialist. +5% Gold and Production in your 4 largest cities for each Policy Branch finished.
UU: City Militia, replaces Pikeman. Slightly stronger and bonus in Marsh.
UB: Belfort, replaces Castle. +1 (v) or 2 (g+k) Gold, +2 Culture, cheaper but less defense than Castle.
UB: Béguinage (v), replaces Monastery. Requires no Wine or Incense but gives no culture bonus for them either, +1 Happiness.

And last but not least is The American civil war scenario mod. It takes place in a time when America is split between north and south you have to complete it in 120 turns and your objective is to reunite the United States of America.
Like many other mods this requires God’s and King’s and is now available on steam workshop for civ5

That’s it for this month let’s hope next moth brings again amazing mods.

Mods and File Updates Civ 5

Here is the full version of the mods and file updates.

Civilization 5 Mods



Mod components

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