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Civilization: Beyond Earth

I had expected this for a while but not like this.

I had expected that Firaxes would bring out a new Civ game this year, but not one as bold as the one which was released only a couple of days ago, the new civ game is called Civilization: Beyond Earth, a bold step from the old games in one major way.

Instead of starting on earth at the beginning of humans agricultural beginnings and ending to the near future. Civilization Beyond Earth goes to a time period when humans leave earth to a new planet.

Here is the trailer:


I will be brining out more posts later with further details.


Platforms supported:

Mac, PC, Linux



Are you exited?

New Year, New Civ?

So hi all and a belated happy new year!

So I was wondering about something, it occurred to me that every major release of civ happened about every 4-5 years so we might hopefully be expecting some nice news from the guys at Firaxes about a complete new Civ game like something that might be called Civilization 6? Maybe, we won’t know for sure but we will most likely again here something from the guys at Firaxes for sure but if it will be about a new expansion pack or a new game we won’t know yet.

Worried civ fans!?!

The new game of firaxes ( enemy: unknown ) has starated to worrie some of the civ fans ( including me).

Many worries are originating from the idea that firaxes is making enemy unknown ona few different platforms. Ex xbox360 PlayStation 3 and PC.

Because enemy unknown will be released on so many platforms it seams a little bit although firaxes is obanding CIV!

Also recent updates have done to much. Does this mean something….

Could this mean Sid’s legendary creation will be gone! Not many people think that this will be happening, but you never no.